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Who was Zobaidah Salangy? (Bromsgrove woman’s grave ‘missed by police diggers’)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Zobaidah Salangy

Zobaidah Salangy Wiki

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Who was Zobaidah Salangy?

The body of a woman allegedly killed by her husband was not found for more than six months when a police dig did not go deep enough, a court heard.

Nezam Salangy is on trial at Worcester Crown Court accused of killing Zobaidah Salangy in March 2020 and burying her in a forest.

His brothers, Mohammed Yasin and Mohammed Ramin Salangy, are accused of helping him hide the crime.

All three deny wrongdoing.

Opening the trial on Tuesday, prosecutor Simon Denison QC said Mrs Salangy’s body was initially overlooked during a police dig near Lower Bentley, Worcestershire, in April 2020.

Because of this, he said, it had been impossible to determine the 28-year-old’s exact cause of death.

He added that a hard layer of soil had been mistaken for a natural base under which no one would dig, but police, “convinced she must be there”, returned to the site in October 2020 and discovered the remains of Ms. Salangy.

Curtain wire and bin bags

The jury heard she was found tied up with curtain wire and wrapped in black bin bags along with a duvet cover, which was matched with pillowcases at the couple’s home in Talbot Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Her phone, the court was told, was found hidden in the pizzeria of her husband, 44, along with a second phone that police say he used to make arrangements with her siblings to hide the murder.

Salangy’s fingerprints were found on a box containing both phones, the trial heard.

Mohammed Ramin Salangy, 31, and Mohammed Yasin Salangy, 33, are alleged to have traveled 90 miles by taxi from their home in Cardiff, Wales, to help bury Ms Salangy.


The court heard that her husband later reported her missing to police, telling them she “had gone for a run and never came back”, leaving him for a “new boyfriend”.

Denison said that the day before Ms. Salangy’s disappearance, the couple had “argued,” an event recorded in part by Mr. Salangy on his phone.

On the recording, they both said “their relationship is over,” Denison added.

Jurors heard that Ms Salangy had been a mathematics teacher in Afghanistan and had an arranged marriage with Mr Salangy in November 2012 and moved to the UK in October 2013.

Denison said the evidence against the three men was “circumstantial” but “the big picture of what these defendants did becomes absolutely clear.”

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