Home » Who is Zara Phythian?(Dr Strange actress is found GUILTY of child sex abuse: Marvel film star Zara Phythian, 36, faces jail for sexually abusing girl, 13, as her Taekwondo ‘master’ husband is also convicted) Wiki, Bio, Age,Charged,Family, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts
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Who is Zara Phythian?(Dr Strange actress is found GUILTY of child sex abuse: Marvel film star Zara Phythian, 36, faces jail for sexually abusing girl, 13, as her Taekwondo ‘master’ husband is also convicted) Wiki, Bio, Age,Charged,Family, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Zara Phythian

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Who is Zara Phythian ?

Hollywood actress Zara Phythian was facing a jail sentence today after she was convicted of child s*x offences.

Phythian, 36, who starred in the 2016 Marvel superhero film Doctor Strange, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton, was found guilty of s*xually abusing a girl over three years, starting when she was 13.

She and her de ella Taekwondo ‘master de ella’ de ella husband Victor Marke, 59, were jointly charged with 14 historic accounts of s*xual activity with the girl.


Her husband de ella was also charged with four counts of indecently assaulting another girl, aged 15 at the time, between 2002 and 2003.

The couple had denied all the charges, but a jury found them guilty following a trial at Nottingham Crown Court.

They held hands tightly in the dock as the sentences were announced. Phythian had a look of horror on her face as her first guilty verdict was delivered.

She stood in the dock wearing a black trouser suit with golf buttons wept as the jury foreman delivered the verdicts, while Mark put an arm around her shoulder.

MailOnline has uncovered disturbing details about how the origin of Victor and Zara’s own relationship follows a similar pattern to the grooming that was highlighted at their trial.

The pair met when she was just 14 and he was 37 after she joined his School of Champions academy in Nottingham, which he had started with his ex-wife Juliet, and she began training with him.

She was 19 years old and he was 42 when they began a s*xual relationship. His marriage to his wife Juliet ended after his relationship with Zara became public.

At the time, he was considered one of Britain’s leading martial artists and was the director of the World Congress of the Martial Arts Association.

The trial heard that she had undergone a ceremony to become his “official disciple of him.” MailOnline can reveal that Zara is said to have accepted Victor as her “master of hers” in an ancient Shaolin ceremony at the age of 17.

After bowing to him and saying some traditional verses, she supposedly swore allegiance to him and promised to do whatever he asked of her, even if it went against her own values.

A martial arts enthusiast who once trained with the couple and only gave his first name as Bob, said: “The ceremony is taken very seriously in the world of martial arts.”

“Once you accept someone as your teacher, you have to fully accept what they ask you to do or say. It is like being a slave because you are at the mercy of the master. You are not even supposed to think for yourself because the teacher is your God.

He added: ‘Victor groomed Zara as well as her other victims. He used her power and influence as a martial arts master to dominate and control young girls.”

Martial arts enthusiast Paul, who once trained with the couple, told MailOnline: “Zara was very good at martial arts and she was already a black belt when she started at Victor’s academy.

He took an instant shine to her and spent a lot of time and energy developing her. It was obvious that she was his favorite student and loved the ground he walked on.


He added, “It was very strange when we found out that he and Zara were having a relationship because of her age difference and the fact that he was such a major martial arts figure.” Juliet was devastated that she was left alone to raise her baby.”

MailOnline may also reveal that Victor and Zara were friends with another prominent martial arts master, Paul Drury, who was jailed for 15 years in 2015 for raping a girl shortly before her 13th birthday at his home and at the martial arts academy. the. Zara and Victor visited and performed at their Black Belt Academy in Dawlish, Devon around the time they were committing their own crimes against their teenage victims.

Drury also posted a gushing interview with Zara in 2008 that was titled: “She Looks Like a Model.” Hits like Bruce Lee. Zara’s story.’ Francis McGrath, defending Victor, suggested that his two victims may have ‘colluded’ with each other, saying that the first girl had ‘given’ the second girl’s name to detectives.

And when Mr. Hossain listed a series of s*xual acts between her and the then-teenager, she responded: “It wasn’t, and I think you know it wasn’t.”

“That s*xual activity that she described did not happen and is made up.”

Giving evidence of her role in Doctor Strange, she said: “It was a great springboard.” In early 2016 we did some pick-ups in New York and Los Angeles, and (her role) was leaked to the media and there were pictures of me and (actor) Mads Mikkelsen on the streets.

She added that she was offered a place on tour with Diversity, winners of Britain’s Got Talent, but she had to turn down the dance group because she was defending a world record in India.

Zara told the court that her current business interests included running the Personal Best Academy martial arts school in Mansfield, as well as owning an entertainment and production company.

She also said in an interview with the police: ‘I am not a pedophile or a rapist, nor is Victor. I feel sick right now and angry.

Zara and her husband were arrested in March 2017 on suspicion of s*xual offenses involving the girl. The trial heard graphic details of her s*x life, which included them filming themselves having s*x, participating in swing sessions and using a wide variety of s*xual aids.

Zara admitted in her interview with the police that she owned a number of s*x toys, including a ‘Rampant Rabbit’ and nipple tassels.

But she said her alleged victim, who she referred to as s*x toys in her police statement, “could easily have gone through my belongings to find them.”

The court heard that Zara had a tattoo of Victor’s name in Chinese symbols written just above her vagina.

Her victim was said to have copied her by having a similar tattoo in the same place on her body.

Zara admitted during the trial that the news of her relationship with Victor had “caused a bit of a stir” when she first started, although she denied that she was “in love” with him.

Victor also adamantly denied s*xually abusing the girls and broke down in tears during his trial while testifying from the witness stand.

He accused one of the girls of having drug problems and gang involvement, telling police she was “a thief, a liar and a problem child.”

Victor admitted to having s*x with her once, legally and consensually, when he was 18, saying, “I’m not proud of that.” It is a low part of my life. I’m ashamed of that.’ He claimed that the girl may have been jealous of his wife as the accusations were made to the police shortly after Zara appeared in Doctor Strange.

He hugged his wife when he returned to the dock.

Zara Phythian Quick and Facts

  • Zara Phythian, 36, today found guilty of s*xually abusing a girl over three years
  • Phythian starred alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in 2016 film Doctor Strange
  • She was jointly charged with husband Victor Marke, 59, of abusing the victim
  • The girl had claimed abuse started when she was 13 between 2005 and 2008
  • Phythian and Marke were also guilty of abusing another girl in 2002 and 2003 

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