Home » Who is Zacchaeus Selby?(Family of 15-year-old Texas boy shot during classroom fight by 18-year-old Timothy Simpkins say the ‘sweet and caring child’ is fighting for his life as three others recover )Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Shot,Victim,Investigation,Arrested,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts
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Who is Zacchaeus Selby?(Family of 15-year-old Texas boy shot during classroom fight by 18-year-old Timothy Simpkins say the ‘sweet and caring child’ is fighting for his life as three others recover )Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Shot,Victim,Investigation,Arrested,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Zacchaeus Selby

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Who is Zacchaeus Selby ?

He hit 15-year-old Zacchaeus Selby; shot in the back to English teacher Calvin Pettit, 25; and brushed against a teenage girl.

The family of a teenager who was shot ‘seven or eight times’ by fellow student Timothy George Simpkins after a fight described him as ‘a sweet and loving child’, insisting that he never intimidated his attacker.

Simpkins, 18, brought a gun to his high school in Arlington, Texas on Wednesday and, after a fistfight captured on camera, opened fire.wikipedia

He hit 15-year-old Zacchaeus Selby; shot in the back to English teacher Calvin Pettit, 25; and brushed against a teenage girl.

Timothy Simpkins Charged

Simpkins has been charged with three counts of aggravated battery and was released on $ 75,000 bail Thursday, partying with his friends and family at his home after his release. His family said he was harassed and robbed at school; he noted for his expensive clothes and his car.

“This innocent 15-year-old did not intimidate Tim, over 18, nor did he deserve to be in the hospital fighting for his life,” they said, adding that Selby remained in intensive care, awaiting surgery.

‘Zacchaeus is a bright and respectful young man who lit up a room at a time with his presence.

“ He has a heart of gold and does not deserve to fight for his life in ICU because he was shot in an environment where children should feel safe.

It is unclear why he has been charged with aggravated battery and not attempted murder or more serious charges, or why the judge granted him bail.

Hours later, one of his relatives boasted on social networks that he was already home and shared videos of a family reunion inside a house. He was shown holding a baby, standing in his kitchen, chatting with relatives, and posing smiling with three girls.

The family was seen outside the home unloading a car with boxes loaded with fried chicken, ready for what appeared to be a celebration of his release from jail.


This video, taken moments before the shooting, shows Timothy Simpkins, the shooter, being beaten up in his classroom by a 15-year-old student, identified by his family as Zacchaeus Selby. After the teachers finished the fight, Timothy went to his backpack and retrieved the gun from him. He shot Selby “seven to eight times,” according to the police report. He also shot a teacher in the back and grazed a teenage girl with another bullet before fleeing.

Simpkins, who is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds, opened fire in his classroom at Timberview High School on Wednesday morning, shortly after 9 a.m.

A video of his fight with Selby was posted on social media by Simpkins’ cousin Wednesday night in an effort to prove that he was being harassed.

It shows Simpkins, who was identified by police in a light-colored hoodie in the pictures, being beaten up by the other boy.

Once he finished the fight, Simpkins went to his orange backpack, pulled the gun from him, and started shooting.

He fled in his car and turned himself in to police Wednesday afternoon.

Simpkins was prosecuted Thursday morning via video link. He told the judge that he understood the charges and would hire his own attorney.

“Several teachers and coaches were working to end the altercation between Simpkins and the juvenile victim,” states the documentation of his arrest.

After the fight was over, the juvenile witness observed Simpkins go to an orange backpack and retrieve a black firearm.

Zacchaeus Selby Family

However, Selby’s family, who are raising money for his medical expenses, denied that he had intimidated Simpkins.

“ He is a great brother, boyfriend and coworker and he doesn’t have a bone in his body to intimidate anyone.

“Zacch really has a heart of gold, he is a boy and works with children on a daily basis.”

A fourth person, English teacher Pariesa Altman, was named as a witness in the incident, as was a teenager, Eyimofe Olawepo.

Simpkins said nothing as he walked out of jail Thursday in a blue T-shirt, a matching backwards baseball cap and jeans.


His mother wrote on GoFundMe: ‘The unfortunate backstory is that Timothy’s father was brutally beaten to death. This fact definitely increased Timothy’s fear for his life.

Not to mention that the young man responsible for beating and harassing him had recently threatened to kill him, so my son was terrified and believed he would be killed just like his father.

‘I believe that my son’s entire story should be heard and I ask that you help me share it in an effort to balance the one-sided narrative that the media is broadcasting.

‘Please know that I am not suggesting that bringing a gun to school was the right decision, I am just saying that there is much more to the story and all the details should be known.’

The family is trying to raise $ 25,000 for their legal costs: In the first hour, only $ 20 was donated.

Meanwhile, Master Calvin Pettitt, who was shot because he tried to break up the fight, remained in the hospital with a bullet to the shoulder that narrowly missed the aorta.

Pettitt’s horrified sister, upon learning that the shooter had been released, tweeted: ‘How can this keep getting worse?’

The Tarrant County district attorney has yet to file a case against the teen and his next court date has not yet been scheduled.


The witness observed Simpkins pointing the firearm at the minor victim and sees Simpkins shoot, according to his account, seven to eight times.

“ The witness then observed the minor victim fall to the ground, ” read the police report, of which DailyMail.com obtained a copy on Thursday.

He also reveals that Pettitt was one of the teachers who tried to break up the fight.

Simpkins’ family spoke up to defend him Wednesday night, claiming that he is an “adorable” child who broke down after being “bullied.”

They say the other kids made fun of him because he has a ‘good car’, a $ 35,000 Dodge Challenger, and wears expensive clothes, like the $ 160 Off-White x Nike sneakers featured on social media.

Other social media posts show him sitting in the car, with what appears to be a black pistol on the side door.

Police confirmed in their arrest warrant that the weapon used in the shooting was black, but have not provided further details.

Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas (above) closed Wednesday

Cint Wheat, her cousin, wrote in a Facebook post: ‘At the end of the day, my cousin was bullied. “I don’t know how to feel about this, he is not a bad boy.”

He later claimed in the comment section of her post that her aunt went to the school to report the bullying, but nothing was done.

“Right now they are about to think about what should have been done when all the signs and cries for help were ignored,” she said.

Timberview Middle School did not respond to questions about whether or not bullying was ever reported.

Dr. Kimberley Cantu, superintendent of the Mansfield School District, in which Timberview is located, said they were coming together to support each other.

‘This tragedy is something we never wanted to see in our community and while this crisis happened on a Timberview campus because we are all so connected, it has affected the entire Mansfield ISD family.

“We know that you entrust your loved ones to our care and the safety of our students and staff is always our top priority.”

Cantu said all Mansfield ISD campuses had increased security Thursday while Timberview Middle School was closed.

“The way the events unfolded yesterday shows how having a police officer on every campus makes a difference,” she said.

‘Our MISD officer was there and responded quickly to the call, as were our staff and students from Timberview High School and Early High School, and that danger was quickly contained.

“We are very appreciative of the collaborative efforts of our law enforcement partners, including the Arlington, Mansfield and Grand Prairie Police Departments, because when we needed them, they responded.”

Zacchaeus Selby Quick and Facts

  • Timothy George Simpkins, 18, opened fire on Wednesday after a fight in class
  • Four people were injured in the shooting, including a 25-year-old teacher
  • Fifteen-year-old Zacchaeus Selby was filmed brawling with Simpkins
  • Selby was shot ‘seven or eight times’ by Simpkins, according to an affidavit
  • He remains in intensive care, his family said, and is awaiting surgery 
  • Selby’s family insisted he did not bully Simpkins and was ‘bright and respectful’
  • Simpkins was released on $75,000 bond on Thursday and went home to a party
  • He was pictured celebrating his release with family and friends 
  • The sister of the shot teacher said: ‘How can this keep managing to get worse?’

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