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Woody Allen’s wife, Soon-Yi-Previn, was seen looking dejected on Wednesday, just one day after HBO revealed the trailer for its upcoming documentary exposing her husband’s alleged sexual improprieties.

Soon-Yi, 50, wrapped in a fur hat, gloves and a long coat as she left her home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, but her disgraced 34-year-older film director husband was nowhere to be seen than her.

Allen may be trying to keep a low profile after HBO released the trailer for his new documentary about the embattled filmmaker, which features his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow describing how Allen allegedly ‘touched his private parts’ in a never-before-seen home video. 1992..

The series will air Sunday night on HBO and will feature recordings Mia Farrow secretly made of her phone calls with Allen, including one in which she tells him that Dylan is ‘not okay’, after the alleged incident. .

The documentary, which uses excerpts from Allen’s 2020 memoir as a contrast to the allegations, is destined to rekindle one of the most bitter and public celebrity family scandals that has been unleashed in the last 30 years.

Soon-Yi-Previn was spotted looking downcast on Wednesday as she stepped out of her home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

Mia, 76, who has 14 children – four of whom are her biological kids – has publicly accused the director of sexually assaulting Dylan as a child.

Allegations against Allen emerged after Farrow discovered he was having an affair with her adoptive daughter Soon-Yi (pictured in 2016) which the documentary claims had been going on since she was in high school +10
Allegations against Allen emerged after Farrow discovered he was having an affair with her adoptive daughter Soon-Yi (pictured in 2016) which the documentary claims had been going on since she was in high school

Mia’s split from Allen and her sexual abuse charges against him in 1992, came after she discovered explicit photos of her daughter, Soon-Yi, whom she adopted with her ex-husband Andre Previn in 1977, at Allen’s home de ella.

Allen has always strongly maintained his innocence of her, claiming that Dylan fabricated the allegations of abuse or that she had been coached by Mia who he claimed was jealous of her relationship with Soon-Yi.

Mia and Allen had been together since 1979, when her career had taken off thanks to hit films Annie Hall and Manhattan, and after she became an A-list actress following her breakout role in Rosemary’s Baby.

That all changed 13 years later when Allen, then 55, and Soon-Yi, then 21, were caught having an affair, which the series claims had been going on since she was in high school.

In the documentary, Dylan recalls how Mia told her and her de ella brother de ella Ronan Farrow that ‘Daddy took naked pictures of Soon-Yi.’

‘And that was sort of the first instance where I thought,’ Oh… it’s not just me ‘,’ Dylan says.

The documentary claims that testimony from Allen’s doorman during the couple’s custody battle showed that Soon-Yi was visiting him at his home de ella when she was in high school and on her lunch breaks.

Allen’s maid also talked about cleaning up condoms and making the bed after Soon-Yi left.

Soon-Yi would later marry Allen in 1997 and remains with him to this day despite the 34-year age gap.

Dylan, now 35, who has publicly spoken out against her adoptive father in the past, recounts early incidents of abuse (pictured in a home video with brother Ronan Farrow and their father)

Mia found the photos of Soon-Yi in January 1992, but was unable to completely remove Allen from her life because she was in conflict and she loved him and because he had adopted her and her brother Moses, she says in the series.

In the video filmed by foster mother Mia Farrow as evidence of the incident, seven-year-old Dylan claims that the Oscar-winning director told her, ‘Don’t move, I have to do this,’ while touching her in the attic of the family country house.

“I didn’t want him to, Mom,” she overheard him tell her mother about the incident. I did not like.

In a haunting passage from Allen’s book, he says that despite being old enough to be Previn’s father, when they first met, she was “ready to grow up magnificently if someone showed her some love.”

He says that in the early days of their relationship “lust reigned supreme and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.”

Referring to the allegations about Dylan, he wrote: “I never laid a finger on Dylan, never did anything to him that could be misinterpreted as abuse of her; it was a total fabrication from start to finish, every subatomic particle of it. ‘

Mia Farrow (seen in the documentary) recorded seven-year-old Dylan on camera talking about two incidents, one on the couch and one in the attic, when Allen allegedly touched her.

It took years before Hollywood finally started to pay attention and Allen was effectively blacklisted and no producer chose his 2019 romantic comedy A Rainy Day in New York, even though he made $ 22 million overseas.

While Allen was being rejected, Soon-Yi broke her decades-long silence by calling Mia a ‘nasty and mean person’ and claiming that he abused her as a child.

Speaking to New York magazine, she alleged that Mia used to slap her across the face, spank her with a hairbrush and threaten to send her to an asylum.

But Soon-Yi also admitted that marrying Allen was a ‘great betrayal and there was no’ justification ‘for it.

Painting Allen as the real victim, she said: ‘What happened to Woody is so disturbing, so unfair.

‘[Mia] has taken advantage of the MeToo movement and presented Dylan as a victim. And a whole new generation is hearing about it when they shouldn’t. ‘

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