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Who is Yeveniy Polyanin?(‘super-hacker’ wanted by FBI for ‘using ransomware to fleece millions of dollars’ from Americans ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Net Worth,Wife, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Yeveniy Polyanin

Yeveniy Polyanin Wiki

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Who is Yeveniy Polyanin ?

One of the FBI’s most wanted men linked to the REvil ransomware gang lives freely in a Siberian city with no sign that Russian authorities are acting to stop him.

DailyMail.com tracked alleged superhacker Yevgeniy Polyanin, 28, to a posh $ 380,000 (USD) home in Barnaul, where he was seen driving his $ 74,000 Toyota Land Cruiser 200, evidently feeling untouchable.

His 28-year-old wife Sofia openly runs an exclusive baking business on social media, including spicy bachelorette party cupcakes decorated with male genitalia, while US authorities accuse him of extorting millions of dollars from US companies. .

The couple enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, with helicopter rides to the nearby picturesque Altai Mountains.

A second car in the alleged cybercriminal’s garage is a BMW, worth up to $ 108,000.

Polyanin was indicted this month by the FBI for ‘involvement in ransomware attacks and money laundering activities’.


He is alleged to be an affiliate of the REvil / Sodinokibi gang and the FBI claims to have seized $ 6.1 million in ill-gotten funds, while offering a reward of up to $ 5 million for information leading to his arrest.

It is also seen as a key ‘test case’ of President Joe Biden’s demand that Vladimir Putin cooperate with him to crack down on suspected cybercriminals.

However, there appears to be little chance of this happening, as Polyanin’s relatives and neighbors stress that they have had no contacts about the FBI’s allegations of the Russian counterintelligence service or the FSB Russian police.

Russia has been accused by the West of turning a blind eye to hackers attacking the United States and Europe from its territory.FBI to determine what will happen to the suspect now that he has been found.

He lives in a posh $ 380,000 home in Barnaul as he remains on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Polyanin and his wife have spent the past few days dodging reporters and cutting phone calls while living in their locked house, the Nevsky ‘elite’ residential complex in Russia’s mountainous Altai region, where their curtains were almost permanently closed. .

He made it clear that he did not want to speak while privately assuring his retired mother Svetlana Polyanina, 58, who lives in the same city, that the FBI accusations were “false.”

Initially, she had been deeply concerned by the US claims, she said, and told a reporter that she was unable to locate her son after the mega piracy charges first surfaced.

She said, ‘I’m very worried, wouldn’t you be worried?

I won’t tell you anything about his work.

She added: ‘I’ve been taking pills since this came out….

“I have already lost four kilograms in three days.”

Although she denied that she was a programmer, she confessed to alluding to some coverage of the FBI charges in the Russian media: “I don’t know if what they say in the newspapers is true or not.”

Polyanna said she was unable to locate her son, adding: “Maybe now she is with the police.”

And she added without further explanation: ‘Start with Putin, everything will immediately become clear.’

But when he finally contacted her six days after the allegations surfaced, her mother told him: ‘Please don’t bother us.

‘We’re all fine.

‘He contacted, everything is fine.

Everything is false. He’s on vacation. ‘

Polyanin’s globe-trotting sister Anna, 35, was contacted by concerned neighbors after the FBI allegations

Despite his luxurious new home, valued at around $ 380,000, Polyanin remains officially registered in his dingy Soviet-era apartment in a block originally built for Interior Ministry employees, such as the police, in Barnaul.

Aside from her iPhone 8, her mother shows no signs of wealth.

Polyanin’s globe-trotting sister Anna, 35, was contacted by concerned neighbors after the FBI allegations, and she responded that the family had had no contact with the Russian authorities or media.

She refused to meet with a journalist to discuss the allegations against her younger brother.

The family will ‘not speak out’ about the super hacking ransomware claims, she made clear.

While Polyanin declined multiple opportunities to respond to the FBI’s claims, a middle-aged next door neighbor said that locals were familiar with the FBI’s claims and were not concerned about them.

When asked if he knew of the US allegations against Polyanin, he said: ‘Yes, yes, yes, I found out.’

When she was asked if she had read the story that the US authorities were looking for her neighbor next door to her, she replied, “Yes.”

When asked if he was surprised, she replied, showing no surprise: ‘Noooo …’

The neighboring businessman said: ‘Why don’t you speak to him personally? I will not speak.

Polyanin and Sofia take helicopter rides to explore the picturesque Altai Mountains

Polyanin recovered from a serious car accident in 2018 that involved a Mercedes Benz E-200 taxi in which he was riding in Moscow.

He required months of treatment and subsequently sued for damages for the accident in which he suffered multiple injuries.

Polyanin and Sofia have been together since they were students in Barnaul, and in February she displayed what appeared to be a wedding ring in an ad promoting her cake business.

He also unveiled the couple’s new address on Novgorodskaya Street.

A few days after her 28th birthday, on March 4, she shared a photo of the cake she baked for her, which also came as the couple had moved into their prestigious new fenced-in home, its façade clad in ceramic granite and Angara pine, outfitted. with infrared CCTV security cameras.

“This is my main spring cake for my main spring reason,” she posted.

“I couldn’t stop doing it, and it turned out to be brilliant and right on time, even though it was done in the rush of movement.”

The decoration of the birthday cake suggests that the alleged hacker is a fan of the Japanese manga series Naruto, whose main character is Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who longs for the adulation of his companions and dreams of becoming the Hokage, leader. from his village.

Online bakery owner Sofia also posted photos of her rude bachelorette party cupcakes, depicting male genitalia, with the message: “Friends, fun, and excitement are very important in our lives.”

The bride they were baked for replied, “They were so tasty and unreal! Thank you so much!”

His globetrotting sister Anna, 35, was contacted by worried neighbors

Russian records show that in 2019, Polyanin was registered as an ‘individual entrepreneur’ involved in ‘computer software development’ and IT ‘consulting’.

He had previously dropped out of a master’s course in computer science from the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Altai State University.

A fellow student, Konstantin Starodubtsev, said: “He was not particularly a genius in programming.”

Polyanin had suddenly cut off his social media in 2014, he said, a move that reduced his online trace of him.

He was funny in his way. He liked to play word games. I only remember him because of [his interest in him in] the gym, ‘he said.

On the FBI accusations against him, Starodubtsev said: “This surprises me.”

His teacher, Vladimir Pashnev, said: “He really didn’t stand out in any way.”

Polyanin has a Bachelor’s degree in “Computer Science and Information Technology”.

A new image shows him at his 2016 graduation.

The professor said that an FBI photo of Polyanin holding a microprocessor is from the university’s lab.

He highlighted: ‘We were not the ones who taught him (hack).

‘This line of work requires a certain charisma. And he had no charisma, or no one remembers this.

“We have a joke around here now:” He didn’t study well. If he had, well, they wouldn’t have caught him. ”

“We feel somewhat uncomfortable,” he added. “He seems like a good stuntman, but we don’t have to be proud.”

Polyanin attended the same university as 33-year-old red-haired Maria Butina, now a pro-Putin Russian MP, who was convicted in the US in 2018 and imprisoned in the US for acting as an unregistered foreign agent, where she penetrated in the National Rifle Association and political circles.

Former Polyanin director Olga Suslova described the suspected ransomware hacker as “polite and cultured”, saying that he had lived with his mother after his father’s death.

He ‘didn’t shine’ at school, she explained.

The FBI charges Polyanin with conspiracy to commit fraud and related activities in connection with computers, intentional damage to a protected computer and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The office’s Texas bureau said: “Polyanin is believed to be in Russia, possibly in Barnaul, and he is one of the many affiliates of the Sodinokibi / REvil ransomware.”

He appears with seven variations of his name or aliases, namely: Yevhgyeniy Polyanin, Yevgeniy Polyanin, Yevgveniey Igorevich Polyanon, Evegnii Igorevich Polianin, Evgeniy Polyanin, Evgeniy Igorevich Polyanin and ‘lk-4d4’.

In detail, the FBI stated: ‘Yevgyeniy Igoryevich Polyanin is wanted for his alleged involvement in ransomware attacks and money laundering activities.


It is alleged that, through the use and deployment of the Sodinokibi and REvil ransomware, Polyanin left electronic notes in the form of a text file on the victims’ computers.

The notes included web addresses for victims to visit and decrypt their files.

By visiting these web addresses, the victims were given the demanded ransom amount and provided with a virtual currency address to use to pay the ransom.

‘If a victim paid the ransom amount, Polyanin provided the decryption key and the victims were able to access their files.

If a victim did not pay the ransom, Polyanin usually published the data extracted from the victims or claimed that he sold the extracted data to third parties.

‘Polyanin has been indicted in a indictment filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas, Texas, with conspiracy to commit fraud and related activity in connection with computers, substantial charges of intentional damage to computers. protected and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The law enforcement agency said: ‘If you have any information on this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest US embassy or consulate. Field office: Dallas.

He deleted his social media in 2014, but the FBI suspected he may be in Russia

Biden on November 9 referred to the American name of Polyanin and another suspected superhacker, Yaroslav Vasinskyi, 22, a Ukrainian citizen, who was arrested in Poland.

“When I met with President Putin in June, I made it clear that the United States would take steps to hold cybercriminals accountable,” he said.

“That is what we have done today.”

At the same time, the Justice Department revealed ‘the seizure of $ 6.1 million in funds traceable to alleged ransom payments received by Yevgeniy Polyanin, 28, a Russian national, who is also accused of carrying out Sodinokibi ransomware attacks. / REvil against multiple victims, including businesses and government entities in Texas on or about August 16, 2019. ”

The November 11 Washington Post quoted Dmitri Alperovitch, founder of Silverado Policy Accelerator, as saying that Polyanin was “a great test case” of Biden’s hope for Putin’s cooperation in tackling cybercrime.

He said: ‘Will Moscow take action against him? If they don’t, it’s a sign that they don’t plan to cooperate. ‘

However, Russia has a constitutional ban on the extradition of its own citizens, which means that the only court Polyanin could face would be in Russia.

Yeveniy Polyanin Quick and Facts

  • DailyMail.com tracked suspected super-hacker Yeveniy Polyanin, 28, to a $380,000 home in the Siberian city of Barnaul, where his wife, Sofia, openly runs a social media baking business
  • Polyanin was seen in Barnaul driving a $74,000 Toyota Land Cruiser and owns a BMS worth up to $108,000
  • He is wanted by the FBI for his involvement in ransomware attacks and money laundering activities
  • He is alleged to be an affiliate of the REvil/Sodinokibi gang and the FBI has reportedly seized from him $6.1 million in ill-gotten funds, while a reward of up to $5 million was offered for information leading to his arrest
  • Russian records shows that in 2019, Polyanin was registered as an ‘individual entrepreneur’ involved in the ‘development of computer software’ and IT ‘consulting’
  • The country has a bar on extraditing its own citizens, which means he could only face court in Russia

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