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Who is Yannick Cupido?(Prankster, 24, was stabbed to death on Valentine’s Day after sending joke text to close friend, 28, ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Murder,Investigation,Death,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Yannick Cupido

Yannick Cupido Wiki

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Who was Yannick Cupido ?

A prankster was stabbed to death near Reading on Valentine’s Day after a joking text message infuriated his close friend so much that he ambushed him on the street, a court has heard.

Yannick Cupido, 24, was fatally stabbed in the chest outside an off-license license in the early hours of February 14 after a prank he was playing took a tragic turn.

He fled into an alley, but was seen falling to the ground before succumbing to his injuries a few feet from his mother’s front door.wikipedia

O’Neal Joseph, 28, is on trial at Reading Crown Court on charges of his murder.

On Tuesday, the jury was shown CCTV footage of the moment Mr. Cupid was allegedly ambushed by Joseph after he became angry with false messages.


The court heard that, on the night of February 13, Cupid and his friend, Reece Weatherburn, had begun sending false messages to the latter’s ex-partner, Mollie Brookes, alleging that Weatherburn had been arrested in connection with a stabbing.

Matthew Walsh, opening the prosecution’s case, said O’Neal, also a close friend of Weatherburn, learned of the messages and took them at face value before becoming concerned and angry.

He told the court: ‘Joseph became increasingly angry during the night, particularly when he was unable to reach either Weatherburn or Mr. Cupid.

‘Learning of the fact that it was a joke seems to have been the catalyst for an argument and the exchange of angry messages between him and Cupid when he finally got in touch with him on the phone.

“Mr. Cupid did not apologize for sending false messages and Joseph’s temperature seemed to rise and fall.”

The jury heard that Cupid and Weatherburn had been together in the latter’s flat in Battle Square, Reading, when the prank started.

In an angry response, Joseph said to Mr. Cupid: ‘In my son’s life, if something happens to r1 [a Weatherburn nickname] and you hung up on me and you didn’t tell me where he is, I’m going to F **** * g kill you yk [a nickname for Mr. Cupid] ‘.

Forensic agents search for evidence in Managua Close, where the stabbing occurred

At around 11:30 pm, shortly after the messages were sent, Cupid left Weatherburn’s flat.

The court heard an argument that allegedly took place between the couple, prompting Cupid to begin a three-mile walk to his mother’s home in Lower Caversham.

Jurors were told how Joseph allegedly left his home to begin stalking the estate in search of the returning Mr. Cupid.

Mr Walsh said: ‘The prosecution’s case is that Joseph knew that Mr Cupid was heading to the address of his mother on Nire Road, Lower Caversham.

“Weatherburn had told him or Mr. Cupid himself.” He left the house to look for it. She wanted to face him in his angry state.

They finally crossed paths at 12:30 am, half an hour after Valentine’s Day, when Joseph found Mr. Cupid outside a Best-One store a few meters from his mother’s property.

CCTV footage

CCTV footage showed the pair facing off and looking like arue as they circled each other.

It is alleged that Mr. Cupido head butted Joseph during the altercation.

The jury was then shown the moment when Joseph stabbed Mr. Cupid before the young man fled down a nearby alley.wikipedia

Joseph has admitted to stabbing Cupid, but claims he was in self-defense.

The defendant, dressed in a blue suit, listened attentively to the opening of the trial from the dock after it was delayed for almost two weeks due to illness.


Mr Walsh continued: ‘They are together for about two and a half minutes. Both are clearly animated and there is movement.

It seems that at the end of the incident, after being stabbed, Mr. Cupid drops an object in the gutter.

‘At 12:33 in the morning, after being stabbed in the chest, Mr. Cupido can be seen moving to Managua Close.

He can be seen falling to the ground. While the paramedics who arrived relatively soon after that did their best, Mr. Cupid was in rapid decline to death as of this point. ‘

Cupid’s mother

Cupid’s mother had to be escorted out of the courtroom after getting emotional when the jury was shown images of her son falling to the ground after being stabbed.

Closed circuit television showed that Cupid tried to get up, before taking a couple of steps and falling again.

After the incident, Joseph sent a text message to his ex.

He would say, ‘As soon as he said’ what ‘to me, I grabbed a stem in my hand, and as soon as he said’ yes’, it was gone what, boom, I pulled the BLOAH stem right into his chest.

Old friends Weatherburn and Joseph sat socially estranged on the dock, but did not recognize each other during the proceedings.


Joseph, of Amersham Road, Caversham, denies the murder. He previously admitted possession of an item with blades in a public place.

Weatherburn, of Nire Road, Caversham, denies two counts of assisting a criminal by preventing prosecution.

The trial continues.

Yannick Cupido Quick and Facts

  • Yannick Cupido was stabbed to death just yards from his mother’s property
  • He was allegedly ambushed in Caversham, near Reading, after a joke he was playing took a sinister turn
  • O’Neal Joseph is charged with murder and Reece Weatherburn with two counts of assisting an offender
  • A jury at Reading Crown Court was shown CCTV  of the incident on Tuesday

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