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Breaking: Xiao Zhen Xie Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Xiao Zhen Xie

Xiao Zhen Xie Wiki

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Xiao Zhen Xie suffered two black eyes in the attack and was treated at the hospital. Her family says that her experience has emotionally traumatized them and she is now afraid to leave her home. The attack on Xie comes amid an “alarming increase in blatant violence against Asians in recent weeks” in the San Francisco Bay area, as the San Francisco Police Department described on Twitter.

An elderly Asian woman who said she was randomly attacked on the street in San Francisco picked up what looked like a long wooden paddle to defend herself and eventually sent the suspect, a middle-aged white man, to hospital.

The suspect had assaulted an 83-year-old Asian man minutes earlier, the San Francisco Police Department confirmed with Heavy. The suspect was running away from a security guard when he struck Xiao Zhen Xie.

Xiao Zhen Xie Age

Xiao Zhen Xie is 75 years old.


The violent confrontation occurred around 10:30 a.m. on March 17 at the intersection of Market Street and Charles J. Brenham Place in San Francisco, CBS station KPIX-TV reported. The victim, Xiao Zhen Xie, told the outlet that she was leaning against a lamp post waiting to cross the street when a stranger suddenly struck her in the face. She said the attack was unprovoked.

Xie’s daughter Dong-Mei Li translated for her mother in the KPIX-TV interview. Xie tearfully explained that she did not know the man and did not understand why he would have attacked her. But she jumped into action to protect herself from it. Li told the outlet: “She found the stick around the area and defended herself.” Witnesses told KPIX-TV that they saw Xie “hitting” her attacker with the paddle. ”

One of the witnesses who took video of the aftermath was KPIX athletic director Dennis O’Donnell, who had been jogging in the area. O’Donnell said Xie waved the wooden paddle in one hand and brought an ice pack to his face with the other.

She was visibly very upset and yelled in Chinese: “This homeless man, he hit me”, while paramedics handcuffed the man to a stretcher. O’Donnell added: “From what I could see, she wanted more of the guy on the stretcher and the police were holding her.”

According to CNN, Xie was also telling first responders, “He bullied me, he bullied me, you idiot” and “He bullied the elderly, so I punched him.


As of this writing, the suspect had only been identified as a 39-year-old white male. Heavy asked for his name and inquired about the charges when we contacted the San Francisco Police Department. A department spokesperson told Heavy by email that, at the time of writing, he was “working to release the suspect’s name and arrest charges.” This post will be updated with the suspect’s name once that information is released.

The suspect was also charged with assaulting an 83-year-old Asian man minutes before meeting Xie. The San Francisco Police Department confirmed to Heavy via email that the suspect had been “involved in a physical altercation at U.N. Plaza.” Approximately 30 minutes after the initial altercation, the suspect “approached the male victim and assaulted him.”

According to the police, a local security guard was alerted to this assault and pursued the suspect on foot. When the suspect escaped, he ran into Xie and attacked her as well. Police said the security guard detained the suspect until officers arrived at the scene.

The police spokesman did not comment on Xie’s defense of herself in the email with Heavy. Police explained that the suspect was hospitalized due to “an unrelated prior medical condition.” The statement included: “Investigators are working to determine whether bias was a motivating factor in the incident.”

Xie’s grandson says he is afraid to leave home

Xie has lived in San Francisco for 26 years, according to her family. But they say that now she is afraid to leave her home in a retirement community for seniors.

Her grandson, John Chen, started a GoFundMe campaign to help Xie pay for medical expenses. According to the page, Xie suffered from two black eyes, one of which has continued to bleed since the attack. Her wrist was also injured.But her grandson says the damage to Xie’s psyche runs deeper. He wrote on the page: “She has been severely affected mentally, physically and emotionally. She also claimed that she is afraid to leave her house from now on.

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