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An Ohio man William Slaton, who has been in custody since June when authorities discovered the body of a Cecily Cornett woman in a barrel at his home, was charged last week with murder, criminal battery and falsification of evidence and other charges, according to local reports. .

The Butler County Coroner’s Office identified the woman found dead in a barrel in Middletown as Cecily Cornett, 21, of Somerville.

– Enquirer (@Enquirer) July 7, 2020

The Journal News, WXIX-TV and WKRC report that a grand jury has indicted 35-year-old William Slaton in the murder of Cecily Cornett.

Cecily Cornett Age

The naked body of the 21-year-old victim was found in a barrel believed to have been found on Slaton’s property in Middletown, Ohio.

Cornett’s remains had been placed in a metal drum; Slaton reportedly told police that he hanged himself in his basement.

The Journal-News reports that Slaton was charged with murder, assault and gross abuse of a corpse, in addition to murder, criminal battery and tampering with evidence.

William Slaton removed Cornett’s fingers and tattoos

Police claim Slaton removed Cornett’s fingers and tattoos with a knife before putting them in the barrel.

William Slaton Arrested

Slaton was arrested for the first time on June 30 for gross abuse of a corpse, failure to report a crime or death and falsification of evidence.

He has a $ 210,000 bond issue and has yet to officially press charges against him. His attorney could not be reached for comment.

Local reports confirm that the cause and type of death are still pending in this case.

Prosecutors have reportedly stated that despite the lack of critical information, they have sufficient evidence to take the case to a grand jury.

An anonymous person led Middletown police to Slaton’s property. The specific advice was to put a woman’s body in a barrel.

Police reportedly knocked on Slaton’s door and explained why they were there. At the time, he allegedly ran home in the backyard and threw the barrel over a fence in a neighbor’s yard.

After police found the body, they questioned Slaton, who allegedly said Cornett had died four or five days earlier. He reportedly woke up after a night of heavy drug use to find her hanging in the basement.

He allegedly said he put it in a barrel two days later.

Local reports confirm that Slaton was convicted in Ohio in 2011 for the illegal use of a minor in nude material or performance, and for four sexual content involving a minor.

He then spent seven years in prison.



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