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Who is William Dorsey Jones Jr?(LAPD cop who fatally shot 14-year-old girl at Hollywood Burlington store during robbery is a veteran cop ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

William Dorsey Jones Jr

William Dorsey Jones Jr Wiki

                       William Dorsey Jones Jr Biography

Who is William Dorsey Jones Jr ?

A Los Angeles police officer who mistakenly killed a teenage girl in a Burlington store in Hollywood while trying to bring down a suspect was revealed to be a veteran black officer and supporter of the BLM movement on the force.

William Dorsey Jones Jr, 42, who has served in the LAPD for more than 10 years, shot 14-year-old Valentina Orellana-Peralta while hiding inside a dressing room with her mother on December 23, her attorney confirmed. to The New York. Times.

On social media and his website, Jones repeatedly showed his support for the Black Lives Matter movement and vowed to be an advocate for change in the police department.

“I am a black man, I am the father of a black son, I have been a victim of racism,” Jones wrote in a since deleted tweet. I am the LAPD. I have the power and determination to affect CHANGE in the community.


Orellana-Peralta, who was struck by a bullet through a plaster wall, and suspect Daniel Elena-López, who allegedly attacked customers with a bicycle lock, were killed by police after a 911 call erroneously reported that Elena-López was armed.

Jones, now on administrative leave, is said to be “absolutely devastated” by Orellana-Peralta’s death.

Jones reportedly opened up at-risk youth earnings from ‘Officers for Change’ and displayed on a since deleted website his commitment to the community, often sharing photos of him giving gifts to kids and coaching soccer to teams. From high school.

Orellana-Peralta was hit by a bullet that went through the drywall

The veteran cop had also started a clothing line in 2019 called ‘Using Force Fitness,’ but shut it down amid mounting tensions between law enforcement and communities of color in 2020.

Orellana-Peralta was hit by a bullet that went through the drywall of the dressing room where she was hiding when police broke into a Burlington coat factory in North Hollywood to confront a man who was beating women with a bicycle lock .

After days of community protests denouncing the LAPD’s “hasty” and “excessive” response to an unarmed Elena-López, Jones was formally identified as the officer who fired the shot that killed Orellana-Peralta.

Records show Jones opened ‘Officers for Change’ as a ‘501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. with a mission to positively impact the lives of those living in low-income and at-risk communities’ with a ‘sworn platform to educate, inspire, advise and motivate’.

Jones moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a career and entertainment, but became a cop instead.

He spent eight years on patrol and three years as a community relations officer, the New York Times reported.

Jones apparently found a sense of purpose in his career, promising to serve as a mediator between communities of color and the police as a member of both groups.

“There is no better crime reduction strategy than to engage with our young people, so that they are not afraid of us, to let them know that there are people who care,” Jones told a local news station in 2019.


“Being an African American and Louisville police officer has given me a unique perspective,” Jones said in a 2020 article on the website of his alma mater, the University of Louisville.

In video of the December 23 incident, fellow officers can be heard repeatedly pleading with what appears to be Jones to ‘slow down’ and ‘hang on’ as he stalked the store aisles with a rifle in search of Elena-López. .

Witnesses had called 911 dispatchers and wrongly reported that Elena-López was armed, which Tom Saggau, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union representing Jones, said affected Jones’ response. Jones.

He is trained to enter the facility and try to eliminate the threat so they don’t shoot more people. That’s the mindset when they answer that call, ” Saggau told The Daily Beast.

“This is someone who, four days ago, everyone in our country would want to hire,” he added.

LAPD chief Michel Moore said he was conducting a “thorough, complete and transparent” investigation. The California Attorney General’s Office and the California Department of Justice are conducting separate investigations that will determine Jones’ future in the force.


Orellana Peralta received a blow to the chest while shopping for a quinceañera dress just two days before Christmas.

The Los Angeles Police Department released a heavily edited package of surveillance camera and police body footage on Monday, capturing his final moments.

In the body camera video, armed officers enter the store and approach Elena-López suspected of attacking two women.

An officer with a rifle pushes to the front of the pack as the cops march through the tent in formation. Other officers repeat “slow down” and “slow down” as the officer with the rifle advances.

He’s bleeding! yells an officer when they find a victim of a brutal beating, crawling across the bloodstained ground. The suspect was across the hall.

‘To hold! Wait, Jones! To hold! To hold! another officer yells just before three shots are fired.

The officer holding the rifle pulled the trigger, police said.

Elena-López collapsed on the ground, mortally wounded. In the background of the images, Valentina’s mother can be heard screaming in her dressing room alongside her dying daughter.

Captain Stacy Spell said Orellana-Peralta was “hit by a bullet that jumped off the floor and entered the wall of the dressing room.”


When the woman resisted, Elena-López accosted her and tried to attack her with the lock. The woman, whom police have not yet identified or questioned, was able to run out of the store.

Elena-López then tried to grab another woman as she went down the escalator. She was also able to escape and run out of the store.

She then went back up to the second floor, where she approached a woman pushing a shopping cart from behind her and hit her on the head with the bike lock. She crawled away from her, but Elena-López dragged her backstage and kept hitting her.

Moore said it did not appear that Jones “knew there was someone behind or that he was looking at someone other than the suspect and a wall.”

“There is no police officer in America who wants these kinds of circumstances to occur,” Moore added.

William Dorsey Jones Jr Quick and Facts

  • William Dorsey Jones Jr, 42, has served in the LAPD for more than 10 year. His lawyer confirmed he’s the officer who shot Valentina Orellano-Peralta
  • ‘I’m a black man, I’m the father of a black son, I’ve been the vict[im] of racism,’ Jones reportedly wrote in a since-deleted Tweet
  • Jones, now on administrative leave, is said to be ‘absolutely devastated’ by Orellana-Peralta’s death
  • Jones reportedly opened the ‘Officers for Change’ at-risk youth profit, and showcased in a since-removed website his community engagement
  • He often shared pictures of him delivering gifts to children, and coaching football to high school teams

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