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Breaking: Vincente Bresco-Biosca Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Vincente Bresco-Biosca

Vincente Bresco-Biosca Wiki

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A hotel receptionist saw her Tinder date stabbed to death by her violent ex-boyfriend who had been watching them “in the shadows,” a court heard today.

Vincente Bresco-Biosca, 30, had only met the ‘beautiful’ 30-year-old Spaniard Cristina Ortiz-Lozano a few hours before she was murdered by Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat, 30.

Jurors were told how the ‘jealous’ former lover stalked them to a pub and back to her home, where he pinned her down and stabbed her 23 times with a kitchen knife.
Bresco-Biosca, who was working in the New Forest, Hampshire, at the time of the murder, described knocking down the door upon hearing the date screams from him.

He told Winchester Crown Court: ‘As soon as I got to the kitchen door, he grabbed the knife with the other hand.

‘He was kneeling on top of her. He had her under total submission. He was trying to strangle or hold her. She was already gone.

Ourzat, of Moroccan descent, denies the murder but admits the homicide for diminished responsibility.

Vincente Bresco-Biosca, 30, had only met ‘beautiful’ 30-year-old Spaniard Cristina Ortiz-Lozano  a few hours before she was killed by Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat, 30

Breso-Biosca told the court today how he hooked up with Ms Ortiz-Lozano on the dating app in September 2019 before agreeing to meet the next day at Sprinkles ice cream parlor, Southampton.

They later moved to the Giddy Bridge pub where they sat outside exchanging stories about their families and talking about Brexit.

“At the time everything seemed normal,” she recalled. “Only a boy and a girl are getting to know each other.”

But she suddenly her face changed “drastically” and she looked scared like “someone terrified of an animal”.

Mr. Breso-Biosca recalled: “He said that she had seen her ex-boyfriend and wanted to leave immediately.”

The court heard that Ourzat, who worked as a baggage handler at Southampton Docks, was seen on CCTV ‘hiding in the shadows’ as he watched the couple.

When they left abruptly and headed back to her home in the Portswood area of ​​the city, Mr. Breso-Biosca said she told him about “the history of that relationship.”

He said: ‘She said that she had a drinking problem and was violent. She wasn’t really happy, she couldn’t do anything like go to the gym … during the relationship. She was always drunk or had a drinking problem. ”

She said Ourzat was “out on the street, waiting for her” when they returned and followed her into her home while Mr. Breso-Biosca waited outside her.

The hotel receptionist said, “She was telling him to get out of it [saying]” please go away, I don’t want to see you. ”

‘I heard a scream that I wouldn’t expect to hear anywhere else at any time. It was her.

“My whole body knew that she was terrified.”

Mr. Breso-Biosca said that he told some neighbors to “call the police and have someone help me because she is going to kill her.”

I ran to the door, kicked it down, and ran into the house. She was lying on the floor on her back. He was on top of her with one hand on her throat.

As soon as I got to the kitchen door, she grabbed the knife from hers with her other hand.

‘He was kneeling on top of her. He had her under total submission. He was trying to strangle or hold her.

She was already gone.

Mr. Breso-Biosca fled the house, fearing that he “could be next” and took a phone from a neighbor who was calling the police.

He told police to ‘rush her because he has killed her and we don’t know what she would do next.’

The jury members also heard from Cristina Rodríguez-López, 29, who lived with Ms. Ortiz-Lozano and was a close friend from their school days together in Spain, where they were in the same class as Ourzat.

The last message she received from her friend was an audio message on WhatsApp the night of her murder, in which she said she had seen Ourzat but was not sure if he had seen her.

Ms. Rodríguez-López said that she fell asleep but that her friend woke her up “screaming” asking Ourzat to leave the house.

She said that she was scared, so she closed the door to her room and called the police. She then she heard ‘thumps’ that sounded ‘like she was knocking over furniture again’.

She then she heard Ourzat “scream her name” from her and said she sounded “desperate”.

Ms. Rodríguez-López said that Ms. Ortiz-Lozano began her 12-year relationship with the defendant in Spain, although she added that “there were some breakups” during that time.

She said the couple temporarily separated while living in Liverpool and that Ourzat had pretended she ‘drank bleach’ and ‘tried to kill herself’ so that Ortiz-Lozano would go back to him.

The friend also said that Ortiz-Lozano had left him in August 2019, about a month before the murder, after he was arrested for driving under the influence.

Bresco-Biosca, who was working in the New Forest, Hampshire, at the time of the killing, described kicking down the door of the Portswood house upon hearing his date’s screams


The jury heard that Ourzat made a ruckus around his home after the breakup, ripping light fixtures and radiators from the walls.

Ms. Rodríguez-López said: ‘Cristina ran downstairs, screaming that she was damaging the whole house. I went out into the garden and called the police.

Then from the window some white closet doors were thrown into the garden.

“ She broke the toilet, the shower, broke the bedroom furniture, and broke the living room furniture. ”

Ourzat was arrested and had bail conditions that prohibited him from entering the home and contacting Ms. Ortiz-Lozano, but he continued to email her, calling her a “bitch” and a “whore.”

The court heard how Ms Ortiz-Lozano told her co-workers at Norwegian Cruise Line that she planned to return to Spain to escape Ourzat after this incident, and that she was afraid to go to work on her own. her.

She was described as a ‘kind, friendly, intelligent and beautiful’ woman.

Alan Mach, a neighbor who lived opposite Ms. Ortiz-Lozano, told the jury today that he saw ‘madness’ in Ourzat’s eyes when he entered the scene of the murder.

He said: ‘I could see that the light was on in that room [the kitchen] which was the only lighted room in the building.

‘[I saw] a dead woman lying on the ground [and] a man next to the body.

‘He was just crouched next to her. There was blood around the woman lying on the ground.

She had a knife. He reacted [upon seeing me] with a look. It was not a normal look. There was madness in his eyes.

Mach, 30, said Ourzat started to get up while he was holding the knife “in a fighting stance,” so he closed the kitchen door and left the house.

After talking to some neighbors, he returned to the kitchen twice. On his last visit to the kitchen, Mrs. Ortiz-Lozano was still in the apartment and Ourzat had left.

Prosecutor Kerry Maylin described Ourzat as “a jealous ex-boyfriend in a fit of anger that attacked her frantically, simply because she had dated a man, not Mr. Ourzat, on the night of the murder.”

Stephen Moses, in defense, said Ourzat was stabbed in the neck and chest the night of the murder. Ourzat told police that he was first stabbed by Ms. Ortiz-Lozano before killing her.

He denies the murder but admits manslaughter for diminished responsibility.

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