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Who is Vicki Bevan? (Female paedophile, 37, may be jailed for life for raping and s*xually abusing 13-year-old girl)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Vicki Bevan

Vicki Bevan Wiki

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Who is Vicki Bevan?

Vicki Bevan, 37, from St Helens, Merseyside, pleaded guilty to 36 s*xual offenses against the boy at a previous hearing, including one count of rape and five counts of penetrative assault.

Judge Andrew Menary QC, the Liverpool Registrar, said her crimes were “shockingly depraved” and “just when you think you’ve heard the worst, another comes along”.

He said that he was considering a life sentence for rapist Bevan.

Bevan laughed and smiled with security officers in court today, before wiping away tears with a white handkerchief as the judge entered the courtroom.


Bevan s*xually assaulted a vulnerable victim with Paul Rafferty, 62, and also assaulted her with a second man, Tony Hutton, 42.

The horrific s*xual abuse was filmed and photographed and footage was shared amongst the group, along with twisted messages.

The three pedophiles, all from St Helens, appeared in the dock for sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court this morning, when Bevan laughed and smiled with security officers, before wiping away tears with a white handkerchief when the judge entered the court.

Bevan was due to be sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court on Friday.

However, Judge Menary deferred sentencing, saying he was considering an ‘indefinite’ or life sentence for Bevan and wanted written submissions on the matter from his lawyers before he decides.

Bevan also pleaded guilty to 17 counts of making an indecent image of a child, with two of these counts comprised of 52 photos of penetrative s*x.

He admitted to two counts of possession of extreme pornography, relating to 100 ‘extremely offensive, disgusting or obscene’ pornographic images of animals.

Health Issue

The judge said the prosecuting Mr. Duffy and Martine Snowdon’s written submissions should consider the “risk to Bevan’s future and the extent to which underlying health or mental health issues could be said to have an impact on his culpability”.

Judge Menary asked lawyers for Rafferty and Hutton to make presentations on their “risk and dangerousness”.

The judge noted in interviews involving all three defendants with the Probation Service for pre-sentencing reports that there was “a degree of blame-sharing” and asked whether this would be relied upon at sentencing.

Tom Watson, who defended Hutton, told the court that he “takes full responsibility for his offense despite what his honor saw in the report.”

He said: ‘He will not stray from taking full responsibility for every single crime he has pleaded guilty to.’

Judge Menary told Mr. Duffy: “I am bound to say that if her client suggests that she was encouraged and deceived by others, it would not be accepted.”

Mr. Duffy said that this would not be presented by Bevan.

Judge Andrew Menary QC

Judge Andrew Menary QC, Honorary Recorder of Liverpool, said he would defer sentencing until May 13 at Liverpool Crown Court  and ordered the three defendants remanded in custody.

They would then have to spend at least two-thirds, rather than the usual half of any custody period, behind bars before they could apply for parole.

At that stage, if they were no longer considered a risk, they could be released on leave.

However, if Bevan’s crimes are deemed serious enough to warrant a life sentence, he would instead be given a minimum prison sentence, which he would have to serve in full.

Only once that minimum period was completed could she apply for parole and, if and when she was released, she would be subject to the conditions of the license for the rest of her life.

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