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Who is Varvara Meli? (How Hannah Clarke’s brave six-year-old daughter stood up to her evil dad in the months before he burned his family to death)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Hannah Clarke

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Who is Varvara Meli?

Varvara Meli, a friend of Ms Clarke, told the inquiry this week that six-year-old Aaliyah Baxter learned how to stand up to her father Rowan Baxter in the months before he murdered the entire family on February 19, 2020. .

She said the six-year-old was once especially upset when her moody and cruel father, growing increasingly frightening as he lost control over the family, picked her up from school.

Poor Aliyah. She was not very happy that morning,” Meli said.

“She had opened up to my daughters during the day and wasn’t looking forward to the afternoon.”

Aaliayah went directly to Ms. Meli after she arrived at school the next morning to ask if she could use the adult’s phone to call her mother.


Hannah Clarke  was murdered along with her children Aaliyah Laianah  and Trey  by her ex-husband in February 2020

“I didn’t ask,” Meli said. I just gave him the phone.

Ms. Meli said that the phone call was brief and that the girl told her mother that she was fine and that she would see her that afternoon.

Although the purpose of the call is unknown, Ms. Meli said that Aaliyah may have been seeking comfort in her mother’s voice or that it was very likely that the wise girl wanted to comfort her mother.

After witnessing more abuse than a six-year-old girl should know about, the brave and smart girl understood that her father was cruel to her mother, and Baxter despised her for being so perceptive.

Ms. Clarke told Ms. Meli that Aaliyah’s knowledge of the situation was the last straw that led her to finally walk away from Baxter.

“Aaliyah couldn’t do it anymore,” Ms Clarke told Ms Meli, the Courier Mail reported.

Aaliyah, along with her mother and her brothers, Laianah, four, and Trey, three, were killed by Baxter, 42, during a school run in Camp Hill, south Brisbane, in February. of 2020.

Baxter doused his family with gasoline and set them on fire while they were in their car. She suffered burns to 80 percent of her body and died at the scene from self-inflicted knife wounds.


She eventually noticed that the boys’ beach bags were missing and realized that he had brought them to the beach, allowing her to calm down and head to the CrossFit contest as planned.

“These are the fucking games my husband plays,” Mrs. Clarke told her gym friend Lynne Kershaw.

‘He is doing this to sabotage me. He doesn’t return my phone calls.

Mrs. Kershaw, well aware of what Baxter was like, responded, “I don’t know what kind of person would do this.”

Someone who loved you wouldn’t do this.

Later that night, Hannah left the pageant to pick up Aaliyah and bring her back to the competition to see her idol, weightlifter and CrossFit champion, Tia-Clair Toomey.

She had promised the six-year-old girl that she could go.

But when she returned to the house, Baxter threw a tantrum and refused to let Mrs. Clarke take her daughter.

Kershaw later saw Clarke back in the competition, alone, with red marks on her upper arms.


The children’s grandmother said at an inquest into her death that while Laianah and Trey spoke with Baxter via video and FaceTime calls, Aaliyah (left) sometimes refused.

“Even then, when he had to leave, he was on the sidewalk crying, he wouldn’t get in the car and he was holding on to Hannah, and he (Baxter) would grab her arm, throw her in the car and say ‘get in the fucking car, I’m your father,’ said Mrs Clarke.

Hannah told her mother and her friends that she feared for her life weeks before her estranged husband set fire to her car and killed her and the three. children of her

‘When he kills me, he will be in jail and what will happen to the children?’ the 31-year-old asked her mother Suzanne Clarke in conversation about making a will the week before her death on February 19, 2020.

“I know in my heart that he’s going to kill me,” she told her friend Lynne Kershaw on numerous occasions.

A chilling note was found on Baxter’s phone after her death, revealing his reason for killing Hannah.


Rowan Baxter pictured with her children Laianah, four, Aaliyah, six, and Trey, three

She thought it was funny to tell him to ‘toughen up’,” said Ms Clarke.

“He lacked empathy with everyone.”

Baxter got into Hannah’s car just after she left her parents’ Camp Hill home to take the children, ages 6, 4 and 3, to school.

She poured fuel into it and set it on fire.

The badly burned adults escaped the vehicle, but Baxter, 42, stabbed himself with a knife and died nearby. Hannah died later that day at the hospital.

When she was asked about Baxter’s actions that killed her daughter and her grandchildren, Mrs. Clarke said that she didn’t think he knew how to love.

“Your way of loving him is like a possession,” she said.

Mrs Clarke told the inquest that Hannah was “a beautiful soul”, bright, bubbly and full of empathy.

She wanted people to know that her daughter was strong, she loved her children and “would have fought anyone to save them.”

Ms Clarke said Aaliyah was articulate and bright, a strong child who stood up to her father, while Laianah, who was called Little Middle, was a “little dynamo”.

Trey was the apple of her mother’s eye and a mama’s boy, she said.

Ms Clarke said that focusing on Hannah’s legacy and giving her a voice helped her get out of bed every day.

Since then, she and her husband Ella Lloyd have become outspoken advocates against domestic violence and established the Small Steps 4 Hannah Foundation in honor of her daughter.

Ms. Clarke hoped for greater understanding and awareness of family violence, including through advertisements and educational campaigns.

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