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Breaking: Valentina Saprunova (Nurse met Killer Vitaly Molchanov online via a dating app) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Valentina Saprunova, a chilling video shows an alleged pedophile murderer, Vitaly Molchanov, fleeing his home after raping and stabbing eight and 13 year old girls.

Someone locate Vitaly Molchanov. Https://t.co/5sAQ3zICYX

– Anonymous⁷ (@nsstarx) September 16, 2020

Vitaly Molchanov Age

In Russia, a major manhunt is underway for Vitaly Molchanov (41), who was seen wearing a red and black tracksuit shortly after the attack on Rybinsk, police said. Elena and Yana Saprunova, aged 8 and 13, were “torn to pieces” with a knife and the girl’s body was dismembered.

She came home from work at a local hospital in Rybinsk, Yaroslavia, on Tuesday to discover that the two girls had been “literally ripped apart” by a knife.

Her lover fled the scene on a white bicycle.

The Russian Commission of Inquiry has opened criminal proceedings for the double homicides of children “committed with the utmost cruelty”

According to Russian reports

According to Russian reports citing law enforcement, the nurse met Molchanov about six months ago online through a dating app.

In a social media update posted in April before Valentina moved in, he wrote: “She is my friend, it is very sad that we are in different cities but I love her and we can solve any other problem. ”

However, she was unaware of her previous convictions for rape and murder of children.

REN TV said: “Perhaps this tragedy would not have happened if Valentina had known one important thing before living with this man with whom she only spoke online: he would have already served a sentence. for… the rape and murder of a child.

But Vitaly kept it from him.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported: “Vitaly carefully concealed his criminal past from his girlfriend.

“Otherwise, this woman, who knows the crimes for which her lover was convicted, would probably not agree to go to Rybinsk from the Omsk region and accompany him with his two children.

Sources said Molchanov became angry and “jealous” that Valentina’s work involved 24-hour shifts, from which she often returned late.

A neighbor said: “This woman has come to seek happiness in Rybinsk. I feel so sorry for you and the girls. She is an animal.

“It must be destroyed immediately.”

In a later statement, the investigation committee confirmed that forensic evidence has since revealed that the two girls were raped before they were killed.

The missing suspect will also face two cases of sexual violence.

Molchanov was previously believed to have been released from prison in 2010 after serving a lengthy prison sentence.

Law enforcement officials have now clarified that Molchanov was released last December after being sentenced to prison for “particularly serious crimes, including murder.”

The statement read: “Operational investigations are underway to determine where he is and to arrest him.”

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