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Who was Tyrone Reith-Myers ? (Inside the barrage of hate Jessica Dixon inflicted on her boyfriend who killed himself after receiving texts)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tyrone Reith-Myers

Tyrone Reith-Myers Wiki

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Who was Tyrone Reith-Myers?

Tyrone Reith-Myers believed he had found what he was looking for in life when he struck up a relationship with a beautiful young blonde.

The young man from Geelong, south of Melbourne towards Victoria’s iconic Surf Coast, had always striven to help people, but had struggled with his own personal demons.

The crazy AFL fan took his own life on Anzac Day 2019, six years after falling in love with Jessica Dixon.

It was the same day the Magpies defeated the Bombers in an epic four-point win that saw then-coach Nathan Buckley booed by opposing fans.


Dixon may have walked away from Mr. Reith-Myers’ suicide without having to answer for the hell he had put him through.

The messages had been found by her sister Kelsey, who discovered a folder called ‘Abuse I cop’ in her brother’s iCloud account after her death.

Inside, she found a series of text messages from Dixon that her traumatized brother had saved.

Along with the messages, she found two videos recorded days before Reith-Myers killed himself.

The videos show him holding his hand up to the camera with some of Dixon’s messages strewn over it.

“Loved by no one,” said one.

“Hang on Tyrone,” said another.


The telltale signs of Mr. Reith-Myers’s despair had been there for all to see years before.

“Remember you are my number one, our hero, our everything,” her mother posted on her Facebook page in January 2016.

‘You are going places and we are so proud of you and what you have achieved in your life, especially recently. I love you with all our hearts mom.’

Dixon knew very well that her boyfriend was vulnerable.

She herself had attended several mental health appointments with him that had touched on his condition.

Dixon set out to contest a series of charges related to her alleged behavior in Victoria County Court, which has the power to impose longer sentences.

A deal from the Victorian Public Prosecution Service saw her plead guilty to a single charge in the trial court.

That charge – using a carriage service to make threats – even in magistrates’ court carries a maximum sentence of 12 months in prison.

Police had initially charged her with stalking, which carries a 10-year sentence.

On Thursday, Dixon walked free from Geelong Magistrates Court without conviction under a year-long community correction order that requires him to perform 100 hours of unpaid work.


Mr. Reith-Myers’ mother, Lisa, had provided a powerful victim impact statement in court describing her grief over the loss of her son.

“When Ty fell in love, he wanted it to be loved back and with someone who wasn’t okay with losing him,” she said.

‘I am overwhelmed with a heaviness and a sadness that I cannot describe; I can only feel it. All he wanted was to be loved and every time he tried, the only person who was supposed to be close to him knocked him down.

Despite accepting an element of remorse in Dixon’s guilty plea, Magistrate Guthrie said he did not really think she regretted what he had done.

“Although (she) admits, I’m not entirely convinced about the remorse,” he said.

In sentencing, Justice Guthrie accepted that Dixon had no criminal record, was young, and had continued family support.

“Mrs. Dixon, I only wish you the best moving forward, but I want you to be aware of the current correction order,” he said.

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