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Who is Tyran Lamb?(Moment police chase ends in wild shootout where armed felon who ran a red light critically injures officer )Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tyran Lamb

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Who was tyran Lamb ?

Wisconsin police have released dramatic body camera and dash footage from a recent shooting, in which they say an armed criminal died after opening fire and seriously injuring an officer after a chase.

The Greenfield Police Department on Thursday released edited images stemming from the August 22 incident that resulted in the death of 31-year-old Tyran Lamb.

In the video, Lamb, who was an ex-con, is seen fleeing police after running a red light, crashing into another vehicle, ignoring multiple orders to surrender, and then shooting a male officer through the windshield at point-blank range.

How old was Tyran Lamb ?

He was 31 year old.

Lamb, a father of three, tried to flee on foot, but was fatally shot by the police.

The wounded officer survived, in part thanks to the life-saving efforts of his colleague, as seen in graphic images from the body camera.

Lamb was under active community supervision and was not allowed to be in possession of a weapon because he was a convicted felon.

According to police, shortly after 1:30 a.m. on August 22, a Greenfield police officer saw Lamb go through a red light. The officer, labeled ‘Officer 1’ in the video, stopped the car on South 35th Street and West Oklahoma Avenue.

But Lamb sped up, sparking a police chase involving ‘Officer 1’ and two backup police officers.

Police deployed spike strips to arrest Lamb, but he continued to flee until he collided with another driver on South 27th Street and West Becher Street, leaving her with a fractured vertebra.

Recently released dashboard and body camera footage shows Officer 1 running towards Lamb’s wrecked car with his gun drawn and yelling, ‘Show me your hands right now!’

According to Greenfield Police Chief Jay Johnson, the suspect refused to show his hands to officers, despite being ordered to do so 18 times.

Amid the tense standoff, a passerby appears and apparently attempts to intervene, causing police officers to momentarily divert their attention from Lamb.

Lamb collapsed a short distance away and died on the scene after being shot by police

Officer 1 walks up to the windshield to try to see the suspect’s hands, at which point Lamb shoots and hits the cop multiple times.

The officer falls backwards and takes cover behind a police car. He yells: ‘Shot fired! I’m beaten! ‘

A backup officer shoots Lamb as he gets out of his car and flees on foot. He jumps on the wounded cop and shoots him point-blank.

Lamb collapsed a short distance away and was pronounced dead at the scene shortly thereafter.

Body camera footage shows the wounded officer bleeding on the ground and the backup officer running alongside him to administer first aid.

“Please don’t let me die, I beg you,” the wounded policeman pleads with her colleague as she applies a tourniquet to his blood-soaked leg.

The injured officer says he was hit on the leg, chest and hand. He says that he has trouble breathing.

Johnson praised the young backup officer for saving the life of her seriously injured co-worker.


The 36-year-old officer with three years of experience was hospitalized in critical but stable condition. He has since been released and is expected to make a full recovery.

At the time of the shooting, Lamb was under community supervision due to two previous convictions of fleeing officers. As a criminal, he was not allowed to have a gun, Wisconsin Right Now reported.

“The suspect was an armed criminal who made the decision to flee from the police,” Johnson said. “ He put our community, our citizens and our officers at risk. ”

Court records indicate that Lamb of Milwaukee was convicted of armed robbery in 2014 and sentenced to three years in prison.

Shortly after his release, Lamb relapsed and was convicted of fleeing from a police officer, earning him a year in prison.


Lamb was back behind bars in 2019, after he was again convicted of eluding an officer and sentenced to one year in state prison, followed by one year of community supervision.

In the wake of the fatal shooting involving officers, Lamb’s family called the police department to tell them what led to the shooting.

Prior to the release of the body camera video, Lamb’s mother, Tahnisha Lamb, argued in an interview with WISN that her son did not shoot an officer.

She acknowledged that her son had prior trouble with the law, but insisted that she was changing her life for the good of her two children. His girlfriend is currently pregnant with his third.

“I loved his family,” Lamb’s mother said. ‘He loved his children, me and his grandmother. We were [sic] his world, his life, and they took him away. They took his life.

Greenfield police said the incident is still under investigation.

Tyran Lamb Quick and Facts

  • Tyran Lamb, 31, a convicted felon dad-of-three, was shot and killed by police in Greenfield, Wisconsin, after traffic stop on August 22
  • Greenfield police on Thursday released edited body and dashboard camera video capturing the incident 
  • Video shows Lamb leading police on a chase and crashing into another vehicle after running a red light 
  • Police repeatedly order him to show his hands, but he refuses and shoots a 36-year-old old cop through his windshield 
  • Lamb attempts to flee on foot after shooting injured cop again, but backup officers return fire and kill him 
  • One officer was critically injured but survived thanks to his colleague’s life-saving actions

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