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Breaking: Tom Konchalski Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tom Konchalski

Tom Konchalski Wiki

                                Tom Konchalski Biography

Tom Konchalski was one of the most respected high school basketball scouts in the country and a legendary figure in the Northeast. The HSBI Report was written on Konchalski’s typewriter and mailed 16 times a year to the more than 200 college coaches who signed up. It served as an exploration, evaluation and classification report for hundreds of prospects.

“Tom just tried to help everyone,” Iona College coach Rick Pitino told the New York Post. he â € œHe was a very humble, kind and special man. … If you asked him about a player, he would give you the mother, the father, the nephew, the nieces, he would know all the people in the family and he would know the connections, what you would have to do to get the child ”.

He was known to many as “The Glider” due to his ability to enter a gym without being seen and assess players on his trademark yellow notepad. Konchalski was also known for his incredible memory and for the fact that he never had a cell phone, VCR, or answering machine. The detail of him describing the players in his HSBI was also legendary.

Of former NBA star Jamal Mashburn, Konchalski wrote in the HBCI that Mashburn had “the body of a blacksmith and the touch of a surgeon.” Future NBA guard Penny Hardaway said: “He treats like Trump, dishes like Julia Child and delivers like Domino’s.” He also once said of Kenny Anderson’s college prospects: “Only the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are ahead of him.”

There was no web version of HSBI, nor was there a Twitter account that offered real-time updates. Konchalski did not own a cell phone or computer, not even an answering machine. The only time I spoke to him, about ten years ago, about the basketball program at Fordham (his alma mater and mine), a colleague told me to try his number at a specified time in the morning, to not get lost. him while he attended daily mass.

In a busy exploration market, Konchalski carved a niche for himself, telling New York in 2010 that “I don’t have big plans to take over the world. I go to the games I want to go to and if that can help me, that’s fine. ”

He also stood out as being, in absolutely every way, a good and decent guy, a rare thing in the often seedy world of recruiting. Konchalski’s friend Seth Davis, an Athletic reporter, used to call him “the only honest man in the gym,” and in the hours after Konchalski’s death, the biggest names in the sport were not praising. just his contributions to basketball, but his character. Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski called him “a saint.” Villanova’s Wright called him a “good soul.” John Calipari from Kentucky called him “one of the best human beings I have.” ever found in my life. ”

In memory of him, Krzyzewski also said that Konchalski deserves a place in the Basketball Hall of Fame. He is eligible for the first time this year.

Tom Konchalski Age

Tom Konchalski was 74 years old.

Tom Konchalski Cause of death

Tom Konchalski died on Monday, February 8, 2021 at the age of 74. He spent 43 years evaluating college basketball prospects. In the last few days, there was a lot of support on social media from current and former players, coaches, reporters and scouts – basically anyone who had come across him.â € œTom Konchalski was a local scout, but he was a national treasure, â € Barry â € œSliceâ € Rohrssen, a former Manhattan head coach and assistant for Pittsburgh, Kentucky and St. John and a close friend of Konchalski’s, told The Post in a telephone interview. he â € œwas as genuine a human being as anyone will know and find in his lifeâ € of him.

“There was never anyone the coaches trusted more than Tom,” Villanova head coach Jay Wright, a two-time NCAA champion, told the Washington Post last year after Konchalski’s retirement. â € œHe never had an agenda, except to give all the children who might have a chance to be seen and explored. When he spoke, or wrote, he paid attention.


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