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Breaking: Toby Hudson Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

  Toby Hudson

Toby Hudson Wiki

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Toby Hudson, 19, was initially unable to speak to a doctor in Weymouth, Dorset due to a faulty phone system and eventually gave up and decided to try again the next day.

When he contacted a receptionist, Mr. Hudson was told that he could not have an appointment for at least 48 hours as he was registered for another surgery in Southampton, Hampshire.

Instead, Hudson decided to go to an urgent care center without an appointment, where she was mistakenly diagnosed with tonsillitis and given antibiotics.

His condition rapidly deteriorated over the next 24 hours, and his parents finally called emergency services when he lost consciousness.

The teenager suffered cardiac arrest in the ambulance but was delayed in getting to Dorset County Hospital because a secondary team of paramedics initially went to the wrong address.

Hudson died on July 4, 2019, two days after he first sought help at Wyke Regis and Lanehouse Medical Practice.An autopsy found that he died of multiple organ failure due to sepsis stemming from infectious glandular fever.

An investigation into his death at Bournemouth heard that Hudson had previously been a patient at Weymouth’s practice.

He later moved to Southampton to study chemistry and enrolled in a new clinic close to campus.

Hudson had been suffering from a cough for about two months before returning to his family’s home in Weymouth in the summer of 2019.

He had swollen glands, ‘swollen’ tonsils and a sore throat when his parents told him to speak to a GP.

 Dr Matthew Brook, a partner at the Wake Regis and Lanehouse Medical Practice, admitted issues with the phone system due to a high patient load.

Dr. Brook said: “We were having tremendous problems with our phone system that it couldn’t handle a much larger number of calls.

“We had updated the system but it was not working properly. There was a queuing system, but in many cases people were waiting a long time and then hanging up.

“We have had a review since then and no one remembers getting the call from Toby.”
Dr. Brook insisted that the correct procedures had been followed.

According to national guidelines, temporary residents should only be seen by a GP if they do not require urgent care.

He said: ‘With temporary residents, receptionists are told to ask if a patient needs an urgent appointment, within 48 hours.

‘If they need one within 48 hours, we refer them to the urgent care unit.

“If not, the patient is re-registered and we can make an appointment.”

Nurse practitioner Briony Jefferis said she was “not even remotely concerned” about Mr. Hudson’s symptoms when she examined him at the urgent care center at Weymouth Community Hospital.

She said: ‘I met Toby on July 3. He was seen by a triage nurse and then I only about ten minutes later.

“ He had a normal temperature of 36.1 degrees, a heart rate of 102 bpm and he rated his pain an eight out of ten.

“He showed no signs of sepsis and his symptoms matched those of tonsillitis.

They gave him penicillin and told him to come back if he did not notice an improvement in the next two days. Neither I nor the triage nurse were concerned in the least.

Hudson’s father, Peter, described the day of his son’s death on July 4.

The father explained how the teenager was taken from his home to Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester, but on the way he suffered cardiac arrest in the ambulance.

He had to call a second team, but initially they went to the address of the family’s home instead of where the ambulance stopped. It took almost 15 minutes before they got to the right place.

Later, Mr. Hudson was taken to the hospital operating room, but he died that same night.

His father said: ‘I felt there was no urgency. I had to push for action to be taken and for our concerns to be heard.

‘There were problems with communication. The backup team went to our home address and from what the neighbors told me they had trouble finding the home.

‘They were knocking on doors before they realized what had happened.

They then had to travel almost three miles to where the ambulance actually was through Weymouth’s summer traffic and roadworks.

“We have many concerns about taking care of him.”

The investigation continues.


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