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Police have launched a search for an unmasked Covid denier who attempted to remove a dying patient from intensive care against doctors’ orders.

Toby Hayden-Leigh, 45, of Maidstone, Kent, joined a group of people who refused to wear masks inside East Surrey Hospital and then became abusive to staff on January 21.

A police spokesperson made several comments and abusive videos towards hospital staff were posted on social media on January 23.

Along with others close to the patient, Haydeigh-Leigh filmed a team of doctors, who worked tirelessly to save the retiree’s life, and insisted that he be discharged, despite being warned by a doctor that he could “drop dead. anytime”.

Toby Hayden-Leigh, 45, from Maidstone, Kent, was joined by a group of people who refused to wear masks inside East Surrey Hospital

Insisting that he was the patient’s ‘McKenzie friend’, an untrained legal aide, calls for the patient’s oxygen to be removed, despite its very low levels, and ignored repeated requests to leave during the fiery line of 20 minutes.

When Mr. Hayden-Leigh and the others who were with the patient were told that they were putting themselves and others in grave danger by being there and, in their case, without a mask, they simply replied: “It is our own risk”.

The patient, who was seen coughing and struggling to breathe the entire time, removed his oxygen tube and demanded to go home, but was told by staff that he would not survive the trip.

The group’s leader, who insisted he was exempt from wearing a mask, added insult to injury by asking staff if Covid had been shown to exist, before he was finally expelled by security agents.

Images of the haunting incident have already been viewed thousands of times.

It shows the patient and his loved ones arguing with a young doctor, as he desperately fights to save the man from the virus.

The doctor warns the patient that if he removes the oxygen tube he will die, to which he replies, ‘Yes, so you keep saying. Let’s go.’

Mr. Leigh steps in and accuses the hospital of “lying” about the patient’s condition and keeping his family in the dark.

The doctor responds: ‘My main concern is his safety and at this moment you are making him unsafe. He has taken the oxygen from him, he is going to die if we don’t put it back on him.

The patient responds defiantly: “No, I am not.”

The doctor refuses to discuss the matter further until the oxygen tube is replaced, and the patient reluctantly agrees.

Appealing to his family, the doctor says: ‘You are not respecting our wishes when entering. You are going to spread Covid everywhere.

Mr. Leigh insists that “we are fine” and the patient, clearly struggling to breathe, asks, “What about my wishes?”

Then the doctor points to the patient’s oxygen levels on a monitor and says, ‘Seventy-three percent. You risk dropping dead at any moment.

The seriously ill man says “I want to go home” but is told, “You will die.” Once again, he dismisses medical advice.

Security had to intervene, right, after Mr Leigh, who was filming the incident, refused to listen to doctors, left

The man’s loved ones continue to defy the doctor, but he stands his ground and insists that the patient will not survive without a constant supply of oxygen.

He says: ‘He has coronavirus pneumonia that affects both lungs. He takes steroids called dexamethasone. He is taking antibiotics to treat concurrent bacterial infections.

Hayden-Leigh says his treatment should be replaced with vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, but he is told flatly: “None of those are proven treatments for coronavirus.”

Then the security guards arrive and order him to leave, but he refuses to obey, saying that the patient is being “held hostage.”

He explodes: ‘I am an officer of the court. I’m warning you, if you put a hand on me and touch me, I’ll do it by assault. ‘

The doctor tells the patient that he needs a ventilator, but he shakes his head and says, ‘No way. Hurry up and get me out of here.

Mr. Hayden-Leigh then rants about the Covid conspiracy theories, at which point the doctor ends the conversation and tells security to kick him out.

As they take him away, he yells “Get off me, shit” and threatens to prosecute the men for assault.

A police spokesperson said: ‘In the investigation, these posts relate to an earlier incident at the hospital, on Thursday January 21, when several people, some of whom were not wearing masks, entered the intensive care room to visit a family. member and abused the hospital staff. They also refused to leave.

“Agents attended and fined two people involved for violating Covid restrictions and issued a violation of the peace warning, prompting the group to leave the scene.”

Detective Chief Inspector Kimball Edey said: ‘We would like to speak with Hayden-Leigh regarding this incident and the escalation of abusive and threatening comments being made towards hospital staff on social media.

“These comments are extremely disturbing and are obviously causing considerable distress to those under attack.

“Hospital staff, like all NHS workers, are trying to care for desperately ill people in extremely difficult circumstances, and being targeted and abused on social media in this way is simply unacceptable.”

He added: ‘We must also track Hayden-Leigh as a matter of urgency due to the public health risk he poses.

“ He got very close to a patient who is still seriously ill with Covid and who may well have contracted the virus himself.

“We are asking for any information and any help we can get from the public to find this man and to be able to deal with him appropriately.”

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