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Who is Thomas Sibick?(Buffalo man accused in Jan. 6 US Capitol riot released into custody of his parents ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Thomas Sibick

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Who is Thomas Sibick ?

Thomas Sibick was indicted this past April in federal court in connection to events that happened at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6.

One of the January 6 rioters charged with the assault on DC police officer Michael Fanone will be released from jail and placed under house arrest at his parents’ home, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

Jackson rebuked Eugene Sibick for the comments he made to the media after a widely watched rally last month in support of the January 6 defendants. The Washington Post reported that Eugene Sibick said the incarceration of his son was “an embarrassment to this country” and he complained about the food served to him in jail.wikipedia

“His arrest of him to date was not, as has been publicly claimed, an embarrassment to our country,” Jackson said, adding that the real embarrassment was the assault on Fanone and approximately 140 other police officers.

Arrested and Charged

Thomas Sibick of New York has been in jail since he was arrested in March. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Sibick obtained his pretrial release by apologizing for his actions, distancing himself from the other Capitol rioters in jail, and vowing to avoid social media and political news.

The court hearing was charged with emotions. Sibick sobbed with his head in his hands as Jackson announced his decision. His father, Dr. Eugene Sibick, cried as Jackson questioned him about the release plan.

The Justice Department said earlier this summer that it prepared plea offers for Sibick and some of the other men charged with attacking Fanone. But so far, none of these defendants have pleaded guilty.

He pleaded not guilty to 10 federal crimes. Prosecutors say Sibick attacked Fanone and stole his police badge and radio, resulting in Fanone’s hospitalization. The incident is one of the best-known police raids on January 6, and Fanone testified about it before the House Select Committee.wikipedia

A federal judge reversed his bail decision Tuesday for a Capitol riot defendant accused of robbing a DC police officer, in part because he found that “toxic” conditions in the DC jail would likely contribute to his further radicalization. if he was kept in preventive detention.

Federal District Judge Amy B. Jackson released Thomas Sibick, 35, at his parents’ home in Buffalo, New York, under 24-hour jail time Tuesday after hearing from his attorney and a tearful plea from his father, Dr. Eugene Sibick, a former US Navy officer who publicly criticized his son’s detention at the “Justice for J6” rally in September, calling him a “political prisoner.”


Almost 10 months have passed since the attack and a few dozen rioters remain in jail as their cases slowly progress through the courts. Most of the people behind bars, like Sibick, have been charged with violent crimes. But in recent weeks, judges have been more open to releasing defendants from detention, given the slowness of their cases and the challenges of preparing for trial from jail.

“Giving you the benefit of the doubt, which I think you’ve earned, I think you deserve a chance … please understand that there will only be one chance,” Jackson told Sibick at a court hearing. “If you violate my conditions, it will be an indication that my confidence was misplaced.”

As part of the conditions, Sibick agreed not to watch political news and to stay away from social media. The purpose of these restrictions was to keep Sibick away from the material that fueled his participation in the January 6 insurrection. At the beginning of the hearing, Sibick’s defense attorney said that Sibick was “watching Fox News in a manic phase” around the 2020 election and that he was “misled by claims of stolen elections.”

The judge cited Sibick’s efforts to separate himself from other Capitol rioters in jail, as evidenced by his willingness to “endure harsher conditions” by asking to be transferred to solitary confinement. His attorney Stephen Brennwald said the other January 6 defendants participate in a nightly “cult” tradition of singing the national anthem.

“Every night at 9 o’clock, people sing The Star-Spangled Banner,” Brennwald said. “… I was on the phone with Mr. Sibick a month ago. We talked and in the middle of our talk, he said he had to go, hang up the phone. ‘They’ll be mad if I don’t. Go over there.’ herd mentality. So you hang up the phone and they sing, they scream, most of them going out of tune. ”

Sibick faces several charges, including:

Obstruction of an official procedure and complicity;
civil disorder;
assaulting, resisting or hindering certain officers;
enter and stay in a building or restricted land;
Disorderly and disruptive conduct in buildings or restricted grounds;
prevent entry and exit into a building or restricted land;
engage in acts of physical violence in restricted buildings or land;
prevent passage through the grounds or buildings of the Capitol;
acts of physical violence on Capitol grounds or buildings;
and robbery

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