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Who was Thea White? (Thea White: Voice Actress Dies at 81 ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Thea White

Thea White Wiki

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Who was Thea White ?

Thea White, the voice actress best known as the voice behind Muriel Bagge on Courage the Cowardly Dog, died at age 81 on Friday, July 30, 2021, a family member, Brad Zitzner, wrote in a tribute post. on Facebook.

Thea Ruth White is an American voice actress best known for her voice over work as Muriel Bagge on Courage the Cowardly Dog. Wikipedia

Sadly, we lost our legendary Feefer (the voice of Muriel) on Friday morning after she fought hard with courage to try to defeat her liver cancer and resume life or die trying. (She ended up with an infection after cutting the damn cancer), ”she wrote.

White was born Thea Ruth Zitzner on June 16, 1940, in Newark, New Jersey, according to IMDB. She was married to Andy White, said her biography.

This is what you need to know:

Thea White recorded a video shortly before her surgery and said that she was planning a quick recovery

She shared another video that she recorded from the hospital, where she discussed plans for the future with her family. She wrote in the post that the video was recorded on July 25, 2021, about five days after her first surgery.

“Wishing her family good times as some of us were in Chautauqua for a few days, contemplating that she would join us later in the week,” John Zitzner captioned the video. “His last breath from her was on Friday, July 30 at 11:05 am. 2 days after her second surgery. ”

How old was Thea White ?

She was April 15, 1940 (age 81 years), Newark, New Jersey, United States.

Cause of Death

The death was announced on Sunday, August 1, 2021, and Zitzner said her cause of death was due to an infection from surgery he underwent for liver cancer.

White died two days after she underwent surgery for liver cancer, her brother John Zitzner wrote in a Facebook post. He shared videos that she recorded during her treatment. She was jovial and upbeat, and used her acting voice. She joked in a video that she would recover in five minutes if she could see videos of the young children in her family playing in the ocean.

“That will speed up my recovery. I’ll get up and Adam five minutes after they open up for me, “she teased her.” Well, ish. ”

Her surgery was to remove a tumor from her liver, John Zitzner wrote on Facebook. She had undergone previous surgery as a treatment for liver cancer a few days earlier, according to his posts.

“My sister recorded this before her surgery. She fought. She left us today at 11:05, ”she captioned the video herself.

White’s death came days after a crossbreed with Courage, The Cowardly Dog and Scooby-Doo was announced.

Just days before White’s death, SyFy Wire released a trailer for an upcoming crossover feature between Courage the Cowardly Dog and Scooby-Doo.

Aranovich wrote that merging the two worlds was a challenge.

“Merging the two worlds cohesively was one of the most challenging aspects of the production,” the statement continued, according to SyFy Wire. “But I think we found the right balance by incorporating the design elements and color palette from the world of Courage, as well as infusing Scooby and the gang with the more exaggerated shots and reactions that are so characteristic of Courage. The movie is packed with Easter eggs from the first Courage series, and it’s packed with quirky humor, offbeat characters, wacky action scenes, and of course the mystery factor that is inherent in every Scooby-Doo! plot.”


White was described as a leader and cheerleader in her family

Brad Zitzner wrote a touching tribute to a member of her family and described her as a leader and cheerleader in her family. He referred to her as “Feefer”.

“Feefer was the best cheerleader for me and my family. We just returned to Ohio to return home to Jackson and the pain is so deep, ”he wrote. “Thank you Feefer for the leadership of her family. Sadly, the role that she has taken with my children and her entire family cannot be replaced. I can see hundreds of fan tributes already online, so her love was shared everywhere. ”

She went on to say that many loved her and that she fought hard to recover from cancer.

“I have never met a person who knew you and who did not think you were the best person in the world. That lasted even during their hospital stay, I was told, the nurses and doctors fell in love too,” she wrote. life and I even know that I know the end result. I love your decision to go for it and try to win. “

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