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Who is Tevin Biles-Thomas? Wiki, Bio, Age,Family, Charges, Arrested, Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tevin Biles-Thomas

Tevin Biles-Thomas Wiki

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Who is Tevin Biles-Thomas?

Tevin Biles-Thomas was cleared of all charges after Cuyahoga County Common Appeals Court Judge Joan Synenberg said prosecutors did not have sufficient evidence to convict him. Biles-Thomas was charged with fatally shooting three men during an altercation at a 2018 New Years Eve party at an Airbnb property.

Delvante Johnson, 19; Toshaun Banks, 21; and Devaughn Gibson, 23, were killed in the alleged dispute.

Synenberg on Tuesday accepted a motion by Biles-Thomas’ attorneys to dismiss the case based on insufficient evidence, noting in his ruling that the shooter’s description of the clothing worn by a witness was “75 percent accurate at best. of the cases “, according to the video of the room published by WEWS.

Tevin Biles-Thomas Age

Tevin Biles-Thomas is 26 years old.

Tevin Biles-Thomas Charges – Arrested

An Ohio judge on Tuesday dismissed the murder and other charges against Tevin Biles-Thomas, brother of US Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. The judge’s announcement in a Cuyahoga County courtroom sparked an angry reaction from a woman who charged Biles-Thomas before being detained by sheriff’s deputies.

The woman was identified in multiple reports as the mother of one of the men whose death at a 2018 New Years Eve party in Cleveland formed the basis of the case. Biles-Thomas, 26, was charged with fatally shooting DelVaunte Johnson, 19, and Toshaun Banks, 21, in an incident in which DeVaughn Gibson, 23, allegedly a cousin of Biles, was also shot. Thomas. dead.

Joan Synenberg, a judge for the Cuyahoga County Common Causes Court, upheld a motion to dismiss from the Biles-Thomas defense team after finding that the evidence presented by prosecutors was “insufficient to support a conviction.” Synenberg cited a witness for the prosecution who testified that she did not see the assailant’s face and was only 75 percent certain that the surveillance clothing Biles-Thomas was wearing matched her memories of what the assailant was wearing. . .

“My heart goes out to the families of the victims,” ​​Synenberg said in closing the case.

At that moment, a woman stood up and ran over to Biles-Thomas as she screamed about his anguish. Later, she could be heard outside the courtroom sobbing that Biles-Thomas “killed my baby.”

A county spokesperson said (via cleveland.com) that the woman, identified as Brandie Johnson, was released without charge.

Biles-Thomas, a soldier in the United States Army, was arrested in August 2019 and charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter, serious battery and perjury. He pleaded not guilty in September, shortly after Biles, his gold medal-winning sister, said on social media that he was “still having a hard time processing” the situation.

When the case went to trial last month after being moved as part of a response to the coronavirus pandemic, prosecutors said Biles-Thomas opened fire on Johnson and Banks when he approached Gibson at the party. Johnson was said to have returned fire in self-defense, killing Gibson. A defense attorney for Biles-Thomas, Joseph Patituce, said there was no evidence that his client fired and prosecutors were unable to present the weapon used to kill Johnson and Banks.

Later in May, Synenberg declared the trial vacated after jurors told him they had mistakenly received legal briefs from the prosecution and defense teams. In a new trial that began later this month, Synenberg did not allow some evidence, leaving the state’s case slimmer.

“He has now run the gauntlet twice,” Patituce said Wednesday (via WEWS) of Biles-Thomas. “You’ve been through two full trials where no one has credibility and has identified him as the shooter. The defense attorney described Brandie Johnson’s actions as “shocking.”

“It was a surprise. But they lost children,” he said. “It wasn’t Tevin, but they lost children. And it’s a horrible tragedy all around.”

Biles-Thomas and Biles were separated during childhood when her mother, who struggled with drug and alcohol dependence, lost custody of her eight children. Biles and several of her siblings moved to Houston under the care of her paternal grandfather, while Biles-Thomas was adopted by another relative in Cleveland.


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