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Breaking: Temujin Kensu Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Temujin Kensu

Temujin Kensu Wiki

                                Temujin Kensu  Biography

Temujin Kensu, 57, was convicted of murdering student Scott Macklem in 1987.

Prosecutors theorized that he chartered a plane to take him from one side of Michigan to the other, where he allegedly shot Macklem and then flew home quickly, with no one tracking him to the scene.

The motive, they said, was to get rid of Macklem so Kensu could ‘control’ Macklem’s girlfriend, whom he had dated six months earlier.

Macklem’s girlfriend told the police that she had dated Kensu and that he was ‘a great ninja’ but that she didn’t want anyone to find out about her, and that he would kill her if she told anyone.

Causes ofdeath

At trial, there was no physical evidence to tie him to the parking lot where Macklem was found shot to death.Kensu’s ex-girlfriend testified at trial that he was obsessed with becoming a ninja

Instead, Kensu’s attorney says police and prosecutors decided he was guilty and then worked backwards to fill in the gaps.

His case is currently being reviewed by the Conviction Integrity Unit, which reviews the contested convictions in Michigan.

In 1987, Kensu was 23 years old. His real name is Fred Freeman, but back then he was called John Lamar.

He had used aliases to evade other arrest warrants for assault and other alleged crimes.

At trial, ex-girlfriend Crystal Merrill said: ‘He threatened Me. He says if you don’t stop lying to me, he says, I’m going to kill you, and he says if Macklem doesn’t stop bothering you, I’ll take care of him too.

She and Kensu were working together at a video store at the time.

She also testified that he told her that he was a “superior” in Japanese organized crime.

She also told NBC in a recent interview that she still believes he is guilty.

“After thirty-four years, I am still 100% sure that Freeman killed Scott as he had threatened to do so often, along with my family,” she said.

Kensu was living with another woman at the time and they had moved 400 miles away.

He had an alibi that placed him in the city where he lived on the day and time of the murder.

The only possible way he could have committed the murder was if he flew there.

There was no record of him renting a plane, but a witness at the trial said there were private pilots hanging around the airport waiting for people to pay for their trips.

He said it was possible that Kensu had chartered a plane this way and that he had simply never formally registered.

A prison informant also claimed that Kensu told him when they were locked up for a few hours together that he had carried out the murder.

The defendant’s girlfriend, Michelle Woodworth, told police that she was with him at the exact time the murder occurred, but that she was not allowed to testify and neither was he.

Instead, prosecutors showed photos of his ninja weapons.

Jurors later told local media that they believed he had chartered a plane, that there was no record of it, and that anyone who said they had seen him in the city where he said he was wrong.

Now, he is hopeful that his conviction will be overturned, even though all of his previous appeals were ignored or rejected.

Temujin Kensu  Quick and facts

Temujin Kensu, 57, was convicted of murdering student Scott Macklem in 1987.
His real name is Fred Freeman, but he changed it due to his fascination with becoming a ninja.
Prosecutors said he killed Macklem because he was dating his ex-girlfriend and was jealous
They said he chartered a private jet to fly 400 miles through Michigan, shot Macklem, and then came back.
There was no evidence of him at the scene or proof that he chartered a plane.
She was not allowed to testify and neither was his girlfriend at the time, who said she was with him at the time of the murder.
Now, his case is being reviewed by Conviction Integrity Unity in Michigan.

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