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Who is Tegan Bulley?(Single mother, 29, who led police on 90mph chase with her two young children unsecured in BMW is spared jail because her ‘controlling’ ex forced her to drive dangerously) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tegan Bulley

Tegan Bulley Wiki

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Who is Tegan Bulley ?

A glamorous single mom has narrowly avoided jail time after leading police on a 90mph, high-speed chase through a city with two young children in the back of her BMW.

Tegan Bulley, from Southampton, overtook an unmarked police car on the A336 before speeding off at 90mph, jumping red lights and speeding down the wrong side of the road as officers gave chase.

Bulley raced down residential streets, hitting 70 mph over speed bumps and nearly lost control before police had to slow down and lose her.

None of her children, who were only five and eight years old, were secured in child seats during the “appalling incident”.

When they finally located the 29-year-old, she gave officers a false name and claimed that her white BMW 3-series had been stolen from her, before pleading guilty to a charge of dangerous driving.

Bulley wept as she avoided an immediate prison sentence at Southampton Crown Court.

Judge Brian Forster QC gave her an eight-month sentence, but she suspended it for 15 months, and also banned her from driving for a year.

Prosecutor Siobhan Linsley

Prosecutor Siobhan Linsley told court police that in an unmarked car she first saw Bulley speeding around 7 p.m. m. on a Friday night in January 2021, when she passed them on the A336 outside Southampton.

She said: “At the time, the police car was going 40mph on a 40mph road, the top speed, when they were hit by a white BMW.

“Police sped up to follow her and the vehicle was going 50 mph at the time.”

After momentarily slowing down for a speed camera, Bulley ‘sped up again’ and left the main road and entered the town of Totton, Hampshire.

She then began heading towards downtown Totton at 40 mph on 30 mph residential roads.

The prosecutor said officers “began to suspect that she wasn’t going to stop,” so they turned on their blue lights and siren, causing the BMW to slow down and the passenger door to open momentarily before accelerating again.

The court heard that police chased Bulley through the residential area at 30 mph, while she entered other roads and T-junctions “without hesitation.”

At one point, Bulley was driving at speeds of up to 70 mph over speed bumps.

Police continued to chase the BMW, now reaching speeds of 90mph, back to the A336, where Bulley ran through a red light and moved onto the wrong side of the road.

Ms Linsley said Bulley briefly stopped and a man got out and ran off, before turning back to “drive away, speed 60 to 70mph on a 30mph road” and enter a roundabout on the wrong side of the road. “without stopping to check traffic.” ‘.

She added: “He was going so fast for the conditions that the rear of the BMW was spinning from side to side and the police officers were under the impression that he almost lost control at that point.”

Concerned that the BMW would not stop, the police stopped chasing her and then searched for the car in a slower squad car.

Police pointed to the car and saw a woman, Bulley, walking past two young children in their nightclothes, but she did not stop them.

CCTV showed the woman

CCTV showed the woman getting out of the car with the two children, showing that all three were passengers during the high-speed chase.

Approximately 40 minutes after police found the vehicle, a black BMW arrived at the scene with police still there.

Bulley sat in the back and gave officers a fake name of Amy Greaves before admitting her real name. She denied driving the car and said that she had just been to a party and was being taken home.

When she was interviewed by police, Bulley said she was “at a friend’s house when she realized her car keys were missing.” When she was asked why she initially gave her a fake name, she said that she didn’t want to be a ‘grass’.

Bulley later pleaded guilty to dangerous driving in her first court appearance.

Khalid Missouri, defense attorney, told Southampton Crown Court that Bulley suffered from anxiety, had since lost a job as a contact supervisor for children’s services due to now being unable to drive, and works part-time as a waitress. in a restaurant.

He said that at the time she was in a long-term relationship that became “quite controlling” and she lives as a single mother with two children who are “not easy”.

“That man was in the car with the two children,” Mr. Missouri said. “She didn’t realize it at the time, but the police were looking for him.

“She tried to stop, but before she could, he yelled at her to keep driving and started threatening that they would take her children from him if she stopped.”

Judge Forster QC, in sentencing, said: ‘You caused considerable risk to members of the community.

You drove on the wrong side of the road, ran through a red light, and were actually doing everything in your power to escape the police.

‘You had two children in the car aged five and eight, they were not restrained as they should have been. This is a very serious case of dangerous driving.

However, she decided to suspend the sentence because she felt that she was ‘vulnerable’ to the other man in the car who got out of her and fled.

She was ordered to perform 80 hours of unpaid work and 20 days with the probation service.

The single mother was told that she too has to pay a fine of £10 a month for a year.

The judge added: ‘Please don’t put yourself in this situation [again], because if you do, you run the risk of having to serve the prison sentence.’

Tegan Bulley Quick and Facts

  • Tegan Bulley, 29, overtook an unmarked police car before racing off at 90mph
  • Her children, aged aged five and eight, were not secured in child seats in chase 
  • Handed an eight month sentence at Southampton Crown Court, but suspended for 15 months, disqualified her from driving for a year, 80 hours of unpaid work 

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