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Who is Tareek Hamzy?(Hamzy crime family ‘CRUSHED’ – with ten members of the clan now dead ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tareek Hamzy

Tareek Hamzy Wiki

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Who is Tareek Hamzy ?

The infamous Hamzy criminal gang, which is in the midst of a gang war with the rival Alameddine family, has been ‘crushed’ with at least ten members in jail or dead, police say.

As the terrifying 18-month blood feud between the two families continued, Ibrahem Hamze, Tareek Hamzy and Haissam Hamzy were arrested and charged this week for recent violent crimes.


A police source told the Daily Telegraph the clan was reeling with ten family members associated with the gang war dead or in jail.

But underworld sources have warned that the notorious clan is engaged in a “war for life” with its rivals.

A law enforcement source also promised there was “trouble ahead” for the Alameddine family, believed to be linked to several fatal shootings of Hamzy family members.


Some officers believe Tareek, Haissam and Ibrahem sparked the gang war 18 months ago by openly attacking Alameddine associate Shaylin Zreika on a Sefton street in mid-2020.

The feud escalated dramatically when Mejid Hamzy was shot to death in Condell Park on Oct. 19, 2020. It was the first of eight public shootings that police believe were retaliation between the Alameddine and Hamzy families.

Ibrahem Hamze, 27, was arrested on the Gold Coast and extradited to Sydney on Monday for his alleged role in the shooting of an Alameddine associate, Murat Gulasi, in November.

Security footage of the incident showed a stray bullet flying through a daycare center with a nearly injured child.

Ibrahem Hamze has been charged with a number of felonies related to the shooting and has also been linked to directing the family’s criminal activities, including a large commercial drug supply.

Law enforcement sources called him “the last man standing” of the Hamzy family.

After surviving multiple attempts on his life, he is believed to have fled Sydney with his glamorous girlfriend after his cousin Ghassan Amoun was murdered on January 6 in Sydney.


“[They are all] now in Silverwater (jail) or Rookwood (cemetery)…they are crushed, but it’s impossible to feel sorry for them,” a senior police source told The Daily Telegraph.

But an underworld figure suggested that the Hamzy family is not over and has continued to find a way to unite to continue their blood feud.

“No way (this is over) don’t let the Hamzys go to hell…this is a war for life,” he said.

The Hamzy family rose to prominence in Sydney’s criminal underworld in part thanks to the leadership of Brothers4Life founder Bassam Hamzy, Mejid’s older brother.

The NSW Police developed Raptor Squad a year ago with the public intention of legally harassing gang members, especially those associated with the bloody gang wars that have been going on in public.

After being transferred to the NSW Police Aviation Command, Ibrahem Hamze was taken by members of the Raptor Squad to Bankstown Police Station.

Arrested and Charged

Tareek Hamzy, 27, and Haissam Hamzy, 24, were charged, along with two other associates, in connection with an alleged violent kidnapping at Merrylands.

Ahmad and Bilal El-Chamy, Anthony Estephan and Joshua McCalla have also been charged in the alleged kidnapping.

The squad grew out of the previous Strike Force Raptor and has 115 officers dedicated to their cause.

In June 2021, Bilal Hamze, Bassam’s cousin and a senior Hamzy leader, was shot dead in an execution-style murder on Bridge Street in Sydney’s CBD.

Salim Hamze and his father Toufik Hamze were shot dead at his home in Guildford on October 20, 2021.

While the Hamzy family has been feuding with the Alameddine family for the past 18 months, its members have been involved in bloody scenes in Sydney for nearly a decade.

Many of the incidents were thought to be related to the conflict between the Bankstown and Blacktown chapters of the Brothers 4Life gang, which was banned in 2014.

Quick and Facts

  • Hamzy clan leader Ibrahem Hamze arrested on Gold Coast, extradited to Sydney
  • Faces charges related to a shooting and allegedly directing criminal activities
  • Tareek Hamzy, Haissam Hamzy also arrested, charged over alleged kidnapping
  • Ten members of family jailed or deceased, but fears Alameddine feud continues
  • A NSW police source vowed there is ‘trouble ahead’ for the Alameddine family

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