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Breaking: Tamoy Bailey Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tamoy Bailey Wiki

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Tamoy Bailey  s*x offender who sent laughing emojis to his friends after raping a woman while threatening her with a ‘Rambo’ knife in his grandfather’s apartment has been jailed for seven years.

Tamoy Bailey, 18, assaulted the victim in his grandfather’s apartment in south-east London after meeting to ‘smoke weed’.

Inner London Crown Court heard him grab her into the bathroom while threatening her with a ‘Rambo’ blade on March 31 last year.

He ordered her to take off her pants and raped her, making fun of “do I seem to care?” when the woman begged him to stop, the jurors listened.

The teenager asked her if she was a ‘snitch’ as ​​she was curled up on the bathroom floor crying. She then teased while sending laughing emojis to her friends on her mobile phone.

“ When she sat on the toilet, I saw her writing laughing messages, I just put my head on the floor, ” the victim said.

I think he was on the phone booking a taxi. I was sitting on the toilet. All I could see were their laughing faces, but I was crying so I laid my head on the ground.

“ He said let me know if you’re going to snitch now because I can go to Hastings. ”

Bailey, of New Maldon, Surrey, denied it, but a jury found him guilty of rape and false imprisonment.

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The sex offender can now be named for the first time after she turned 18 after her sentence.

He was previously convicted of ‘using threatening words or behavior’ three times between August 2018 and May 2019 and sentenced to a ‘remission order’ by a juvenile court each time.

He also received a supervisory order last year for threatening to stab a 13-year-old boy and slap him during a robbery carried out just hours after the rape attack.

Bailey also has convictions for scrimmage, ABH and three robberies, the court heard.

Nneka Akudolu, prosecutor, said: ‘He was 16 at the time of the crime and is now 18 at the time of sentencing. He is a young man who has a record of committing specific serious crimes.

Bailey had said ‘do you want to die tonight?’ to the girl before demanding that he record it saying ‘I give my consent’ so that it can be used as evidence.

The prosecutor said: “ He had pulled down his pants and was sitting on the toilet with his phone and he refused to let her go until she promised he would not give him away.

Inner London Crown Court, pictured above, heard how Bailey grabbed the victim to pull her into the bathroom while threatening her with a ‘Rambo’ blade

“ Basically, she demanded that she be recorded saying that she consented so that later she could not report it to the police. ”

In defense, Hanisha Patel said: ‘It was the victim who contacted the defendant in the early hours of the morning and none of them could have known how things would have developed and therefore I maintain that he did not it is a case where there could have been a significant degree of planning.

“This crime was opportunistic, although serious. From a young age he has been exposed to negative criminal influences ”.

She added: ‘That does not excuse or justify any of the behaviors, but it does somehow explain the issues on his record.’

Judge Jeremy Donne QC told Bailey: “The jury convicted him of the crimes of rape and false imprisonment, both stemming from the same incident on March 31 of last year.

Your victim was a little older than you. It is entirely correct to say that she contacted you in the early hours of March 31st.

She spoke with you on the phone and you suggested that she meet you at your address.

When they met, the conversation turned to sexual matters. She felt uncomfortable but not enough to leave his company.

Once you entered your grandfather’s house, your behavior changed drastically, you forced her to go to the bathroom and demanded that she remove her clothes.

You took out a knife. She took a photograph to mark her location, the knife was caught on the bathroom floor.

‘It is generally owned by young gang members known as a rambo knife, a knife that has only one purpose to cause injury.

She was terrified, she begged you not to hurt her. You threatened her with the knife. She begged you again.

‘Despite her repeated pleas, her response was, “Do I seem to care?” You just didn’t care at all, you wanted s*x and you were prepared to do whatever it took to get it.

You didn’t let her go right away, apparently you were texting your friends with what you had done. It was at that moment that you got distracted and that she was able to take a photograph in which she captured the knife that was on the floor for free.

You told her that you wanted to tape her saying that sex had been consensual between you, but she refused to do such a thing. She quickly returned to her sister’s direction. Later, on the afternoon of March 31, she committed a violent robbery to do so.

Judge Donne added: ‘I go back to what you said when she begged you not to rape her,’ I seem to care. ”

Bailey was sentenced to seven years of detention in an institution for juvenile delinquents.

Tamoy Bailey  Quicks And Facts

  • Tamoy Bailey, 18, assaulted victim last year after meeting to ‘smoke some weed’
  • He pulled her in bathroom and threatened her with a ‘Rambo’ blade, jurors heard
  • Bailey, from Surrey, denied but was convicted of rape and false imprisonment 
  • He was sentenced to seven years detention at a Young Offenders’ Institution

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