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What You Don’t Know About The “Fired” BBC Journalist: Tala Halawa Wiki, Bio, Age,Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tala Halawa

Tala Halawa Wiki

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Who is Tala Halawa?

Tala Halawa is a BBC journalist based in Ramallah, Palestine. She tweeted ‘#HitlerWasRight in an anti-Israel Defense Forces tweet, which has now been discovered by a Twitter account, prompting an internal investigation into the matter. Less than a week after the BBC had to issue a serious apology for the unethical journalism of former reporter Martin Bashir, another employed journalist is under fire on social media for allegedly anti-Semitic tweets from 2014.

How old is Tala Halawa?

Tala Halawa is believed to be in his 30s.

Tala Halawa Wiki

According to her Twitter bio, Halawa is a BBC journalist based in Ramallah, Palestine. The Palestine specialist for BBC surveillance has recently been covering the Gaza conflict, where she has already done an article on Bella Hadid’s position on the ongoing conflict in the region.

Tala Halawa BBC

The Honest Reporting account shared a screenshot of Halawa’s since deleted tweet, who claim they promote “fairness and accuracy in media coverage of Israel.” The account shared the screenshots with the caption “Halawa directly influences and creates news content viewed by many millions around the world. In what world can someone like this work for a professional media outlet? “Since then, a BBC spokesperson has shared with Daily Mail Online:

“These tweets pre-date the person’s employment at the BBC, but we are nevertheless taking it very seriously and investigating.”

In a Twitter post on July 20, 2014, Halawa had written “Israel is more Nazi than Hitler.”

She also the Israel Defense Force to “go to hell” along with the hashtag “#PrayForGaza” and “#HitlerWasRight” in the tweet.

Tala Halawa’s Twitter

Halawa had previously tweeted “our media is produced by our Zionist government to 2 produce ignorant people”, “#Zionists can’t get enough of our blood” and “they are crying out for the holocaust all the time, but they are practicing every moment” shared the Honest Reporting account.

Halawa’s LinkedIn, which also appears to have been currently disabled, described her as a “screenwriter and presenter on the Birzeit University Radio broadcast channel.” Her Twitter account has also been deactivated following the internal investigation.

Since the Honest Reporting account brought back Halawa’s old tweets, there have been a hell of a lot of social media users tweeting and criticizing both Halawa and her employer, the BBC, for her previous tweets. “How shocking this is. A BBC employee, Tala Halawa, who works in the West Bank, tweeted “Hitler was right” about Jews. She then she closed her account so none of us could see what other anti-Semitic dirt she had hidden. ”

“How many more Jewish haters does the BBC employ with our money?” asked a user.

Tala Halawa fired

Others noted: “Even with @BBCNews bias and misinformation, I don’t think anyone can tolerate the use of a ‘journalist’ who believes ‘Hitler was right’.” Some even criticized: “This is where BBC journalist Tala Halawa woke up saying ‘Hitler was right. Fuck me. This is the kind of balanced report you get from an unaccountable organization that wakes up systematically. My Jewish friends are very concerned right now. I’m not going to pay my license fee for this shit. ”

Others criticized the media giant who tweeted: “BBC journalist” tweets his support for Hitler, claiming he was “right”. It’s not the first time I’ve heard nasty suggestions like these. So many secret racists coming out of the wood. You should be ashamed of yourself. “One user said,” Fire her, it’s disgusting. “

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