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Who is Suzanne Morphew? Wiki, Bio, Age,Husband, Missing, Research, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Suzanne Morphew

Suzanne Morphew Wiki

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Who is Suzanne Morphew ?

Suzanne Morphew is in court for a preliminary hearing related to the murder case against her. She is charged with various charges, including first degree murder.

As prosecutors present evidence gathered in the investigation and witnesses testify, an investigator testifies that Suzanne Morphew had had an affair with a man she attended high school with for two years prior to her death. This is the first time investigators have commented on extramarital affairs. The detective also testified that Suzanne had obtained a “spy pen” because she suspected her husband was having an affair.

Suzanne Morphew Age

Suzanne Morphew’s age is unknown.

Barry Morphew texted his wife about her suicide days before she disappeared

Suzanne Morphew was reported missing on May 10, 2020. Investigators assume she is dead, but no human remains have been found. The second day of preliminary hearings for Barry Morphew’s murder trial began Tuesday detailing the text messages Suzanne Morphew, a missing mother from Colorado, exchanged with her husband and a longtime lover just days before her disappearance in the Mother’s Day in 2020.

Chaffee County court testimony Tuesday also revealed that Barry Morphew turned his phone on and off in airplane mode in the early hours of Mother’s Day morning, while making several stops to unload and check in at a Holiday Inn Express. . in Bloomington, Colorado. .

Google data unearthed by investigators showed that Barry also showed up for a job for Garrett Construction and completed about 15 minutes of work, removing blocks from a retaining wall before leaving. He arrived at the scene despite knowing that construction work could not be legally completed on a Sunday in the city of Bloomington, former FBI Agent Johnny Grusing, the third witness called so far, testified.

The FBI also obtained surveillance video showing Barry carrying several bags into the motel trash cans. He also stopped to dump trash at a men’s warehouse and at a bus stop. When questioned by investigators, Barry said he dumped tranquilizing material. He admitted that he possessed weapons to hunt.

At 6:10 a.m. On the morning of his wife’s disappearance, Barry also texted her. Are you awake? Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, ”Barry wrote. He also texted his own mother. Suzanne’s abandoned mountain bike was found later that day by officers not far from her home.

During Monday’s shocking testimony, investigators revealed that she had had a nearly two-year affair with a man named Jeff Libler. The two had gone to high school together in Indiana. Liebler’s cell phone was ringing in towers in Michigan the same day Suzanne disappeared.

FBI Agent Kenneth Harris testified Tuesday that Libler told investigators that he was working on a dock project during the time Suzanne disappeared, and credit card records corroborated those claims, showing that he purchased supplies at a hardware store. in Michigan during that time period.

Libler also texted Suzanne to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, acknowledging in the message that the holidays could be difficult for her after losing her own mother. He sent another message on May 11, 2021, the day after Suzanne was reported missing, wishing her luck with an appointment he had for cancer treatment. That was the last known correspondence from her.

Harris described Libler as the opposite of Barry, as he often showered Suzanne with compliments.

Suzanne’s last test of life was on the afternoon of May 9, when he sent Libler pictures of her sunbathing in her garden.

“Guess who’s alone again?” Suzanne texted Libler at 2:03 p.m. along with a selfie, about half an hour after Barry left the house at 1:38 p.m., according to FOX21 News.

Before disappearing, Suzanne had employed the help of a voice-activated spy pen to find out if Barry was cheating on her, but investigators said there was no evidence to suggest an extramarital affair on her part. Investigators also don’t believe Barry knew of his wife’s affair with Libler, though Suzanne’s friend Holly Wilson told investigators that Barry had accused his wife of cheating.

Harris testified that Libler was the one who made Suzanne ride a mountain bike and drink IPA. The two described themselves as soul mates, Harris said. Barry Morphew’s defense attorney, Iris Eytan, asked if the two exchanged nude photos, and Harris answered yes.

They met again in Florida during February 2020. Libler had planned a trip to Colorado in March 2020, but travel restrictions imposed at the start of the coronavirus pandemic prevented him from coming to visit. The man he had had an affair with for two years did not contact authorities after Suzanne’s disappearance, but he did speak to investigators once they identified who he was, investigators said.

“If he had known about me, he would have come looking for me,” Libler allegedly told authorities, referring to Barry. “I don’t think he knew that Suzanne and I were together.”


In addition to being charged with the murder of his wife, Barry is also accused of casting a fraudulent vote on behalf of his wife for then-President Trump in the November election.

Barry Morphew is charged with manipulating the deceased body of his wife at the time she was murdered, as well as evidence in the case from last May to early March, about two months before her arrest. He is also charged with illegal possession of a short rifle and using deception to influence law enforcement officials from the time his wife disappeared until he was arrested.

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