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Who is Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb?(Entitled party girl, 20, who sparked Covid outbreak by leaving locked-down Sydney ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrest,Family,Facebook,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb

Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb Wiki

                               Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb Biography

Who is Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb ?

A 21-year-old who violated the Sydney blockade, partied in Newcastle and caused a months-long blockade in the New South Wales region was convicted and fined $ 4,000.

Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb tested positive for COVID-19 after spending several days shopping and partying in Newcastle in late July.

A significant number of people infected with COVID-19 in the Hunter region appear to be directly related to the movements of Ageeb and his friend, Josephine Lado, a Rooty Hill woman, police said in court documents accepted by the women.

How old is Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb ?

She is 21 year old.

Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb, 21, tested positive to COVID-19

The infections led to a months-long shutdown for Newcastle and surrounding communities, home to 650,000 people.

“The consequences of his actions were quite significant,” Hornsby Magistrate Robyn Denes said Wednesday.

A lot of people think ‘nothing will happen and they won’t catch me’.

“ They did (got it), and it actually created major problems for Newcastle. ”

The magistrate was considering placing Ageeb on a community corrections order, demanding good behavior and other condition for a set period of time.

But, upon hearing that another magistrate had convicted and fined Lado $ 4,000 for a relatively similar offense, Ms. Denes said there was a parity issue “so she doesn’t feel like she’s been treated more harshly.”

Ageeb’s early guilty plea also entitled him to significant leniency, while the court noted that ‘some’ extracurial punishment had come in the way the case had been presented.


The young woman who currently lives in Parramatta with a friend was set to start a full-time job in insurance next week, her lawyer said.

Ageeb and Lado came out the first time for failing to comply with a COVID-19 health order and for failing to comply with COVID registration requirements.

None of them had been able to check in at the many places they visited with two friends, including a nail salon in Newcastle’s largest shopping complex.

They also went to a house party in Shortland on July 29.

When police were alerted to the party around 1.45 am on July 30, they saw ‘numerous’ people running towards a parked car and found the criminals in the back seat pretending to sleep.

Police said the couple made a “calculated and concerted effort” to alter the registration and address details on their Service NSW app.

When ordered to return home and told to expect fines of $ 1000 by mail, Ageeb and Lado stayed in Newcastle for one more night.

It was first a big party at Blacksmiths Beach in Lake Macquarie before returning to Shortland’s house for another party, which police say was attended by ‘many’ more.

They caught a train home on July 31st.

On August 5, positive cases related to women were discovered in the region, prompting an immediate shutdown.

Ageeb declined to comment outside of court.

Details of the arrest of Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb

Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb was charged and arrested for violating security and lockdown protocols. When she was charged on August 13, she also tested positive for Coronavirus.

Tracker New England Local Health District confirmed that the two Shortland parties, as well as another in Blacksmith Beach, resulted in an increase in Coronavirus cases in the area.

His actions have confined 6,00,000 people to their homes, significantly affecting citizens, organizations and education.

Sulafa also admitted her recklessness and pleaded guilty. Both defendants pleaded guilty despite failing to appear in court. Her statement was given to the public by her attorney.

On October 27 she will be sentenced and Josephine will be sentenced on November 10.

Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb Quick and Facts

  • Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb, 21, sparked a months-long Covid lockdown in regional NSW
  • She was convicted and fined $4,000 for breaching Covid-19 restrictions in July 
  • Ms Ageeb tested positive to Covid-19 after shopping and partying in Newcastle
  • Infections in Hunter Region were linked to Ms Ageeb and friend Josephine Lado 

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