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Who is Stuart Scheller? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Stuart Scheller

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Who is Stuart Scheller ?

Stuart Scheller is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps who was relieved of his obligation after he shared a video on Facebook in which he censured the military administration for their treatment of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“I couldn’t in any way, shape or form, react to the astonishing reaction,” Scheller wrote on his Facebook page after his excuse. You can watch the video of him later in this article. He has circulated the web and is targeting a wave of web-based media aid for him as the nation reels from the deaths of 13 Marines and administration individuals in Kabul (you can see the praise for fallen attendees here).

“Facebook has stopped allowing me to acknowledge the demands of my colleagues. However, I will express another point of view to you … Last night when I posted the video, I immediately had different marines call and request that I download the post. “We all agree with you Stu, but nothing will change, and it will be a huge individual expense for you.”

He added: “I clearly didn’t put it down. Since I had the opportunity to measure … I will offer you this … not ALL of us cannot be right. On the off chance that you all agree … move on. They simply have the strength since we allow it. Consider the possibility that we, as a whole, claim responsibility? “Then at that time he shared this statement:” Every age needs a revolution “✊🏻🇺🇸 Thomas Jefferson”.

In the video, Scheller rebuked the military authority.

“I’m not saying we should be in Afghanistan all the time, however I’m saying: Did any of you throw your position on the table and say ‘hi, it’s a misconceived idea to clean up the Bagram airfield, a vital air base, before that we empty? everyone, ‘”he said in the video.

“Did someone do that? Also, when you didn’t think to do that, did someone raise their hand and say ‘we totally screwed this up.’

Scheller told military leaders: “I demand responsibility.”


Scheller began the video of him with the inscription “To the American initiative. Consciously America ”

He began to clarify the experience of him. He served in the Marines for a long time. He was the contingent leader with the senior infantry readiness regiment at the time of the video. Scheller videotaped him in a similar fashion when news of the Kabul blast broke. “One of those people who was killed was someone with whom he had an individual relationship,” he said. He did not delve into additional information on that. I’m not going to make this video as it’s possibly a rousing moment. I say this because I have a growing discontent and hatred for … I saw the idiocy at the level of international strategy and I need to explicitly ask some questions of some of my superior bosses. ”

“I feel like I have a lot to lose,” he said, adding that he thoroughly considered “what can happen to me … on the off chance that I dare to publish it.” In any case, I think that what you trust should be characterized by what you are willing to risk. ”

“I’ve been fighting for a long time,” Scheller said. “I’m willing to dismiss anything I can say to my superior bosses: ‘I ask for responsibility.’

He said he was “willing to risk my position as a flow force officer, my retirement, the safety of my family to say a part of the things I need to say.” He said that would give him “an ethical vantage point to demand similar reliability, honesty and responsibility from my superior bosses.”

He read a letter written by Marine Corps Commander David Berger, who said, “Was it all great?”

“I have killed people and I seek advice and that is fine,” Scheller said. “There is a set period for that. However, the explanation that people are so disturbed through online media is not based on the fact that the Marines in the war zone disappointed someone who helped have constantly adapting to the situation and having done unprecedented things, people are upset with the argument that their superior bosses let them down. What’s more, none of them are raising their hands and tolerating responsibility or saying, ‘We screwed this up.’

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