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Who is Steven St. Juliana?(Family of Michigan high school mass shooting victim sues school) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Steven St. Juliana

Steven St. Juliana Wiki

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Who is Steven St. Juliana?

Steven St. Juliana filed the lawsuit against the district Thursday in the death of his daughter, 14-year-old Hana, who was one of four victims shot Nov. 30 when 15-year-old Crumbley opened fire inside the school. , injuring seven others. people.

St. Juliana and his eldest daughter, Reina, 16, argued that student advisor Shawn Hopkins and dean of students Nicholas Ejak knew Crumbley had homicidal ideas. He was removed from class after teachers caught him drawing and writing disturbing messages hours before the shooting.


The family condemned the administrators, along with Principal Steven Wolf, former Superintendent Timothy Throne and Acting Superintendent Kenneth Weaver, for allowing Crumbley to return to class without going through his bag, where he is accused of hiding the firearm.

“The truth is that school officials escalated the danger by releasing  from a safe zone with knowledge of  propensity to inflict harm on himself or others,” the suit states.

“Instead, Ejak and Hopkins used his authority to write a hall pass, give his backpack and return him to his third period class, alone.”

Reina St. Juliana  16, Hana’s older sister, filed the lawsuit with her father. Family seeks unspecified damages under Michigan wrongful death statute

The Oxford Community School District did not immediately respond to DailyMail.com’s request for comment.


The suit seeks unspecified damages under Michigan’s wrongful death statute, charging administrators with gross negligence and demanding that Weaver or the district retract all statements made that the district was innocent of wrongdoing.

According to the lawsuit, the district has cited an “adherence to policy” defense as to why Crumbley was sent back to class, as he could only be retained for a “disciplinary matter.”

The St. Juliana family claims the stance is a “cover-up” for the district to hide their actions on the day of the shooting.

“The ‘adherence to policy’ construct is a false narrative fabricated by school officials to avoid responsibility for the death and destruction they caused by their willful disregard for [Crumbley’s] status as a troubled youth who was suicidal and who had expressed homicidal ideas”.

Reina, an Oxford High student who was in a nearby hallway when her sister died, said in a statement Friday: “I am standing up for my sister.

‘I will be Hana’s voice for change. Until the District acknowledges what happened and what they did wrong, violence like this will happen again.

“These senseless killings were preventable and I will do everything I can to make sure this never happens again.”


Jennifer  and James Crumbley  are accused of making the gun Crumbley used to kill four people accessible to him, and are being tried for involuntary manslaughter.

The lawsuit against the Oxford school district is the second of its kind, as the family of shooting survivors Riley, 17, and Bella Franz, 14, sued the school for $100 million, also claiming administrators they were negligent in preventing the tragedy.

Her attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, says Riley was shot in the neck as she and Bella were leaving a bathroom during the rampage.

School officials had asked Judge Mark Goldsmith to hold the lawsuit until the criminal case against Crumbley and his parents was resolved; however, Goldsmith said he was not aware of any risk of the civil lawsuit interfering with the criminal cases.

Previously, prosecutors successfully argued that, due to the seriousness of the crimes with which he is charged, Ethan Crumbley does not belong in a juvenile facility, where he could mingle with other youngsters in an educational setting, similar to that of Oxford High School. . .

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