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Who is Steven Brecher?(Juror who bragged about delivering guilty Weinstein verdict accused of rape) Wiki, Bio, Age,Charged,Victims,Family, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Steven Brecher

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Who is Steven Brecher ?

A Harvey Weinstein juror who bragged about “single-handedly delivering” the guilty verdict in the disgraced movie executive’s s*xual assault trial allegedly drugged and raped two women, according to a lawsuit.

The women, who are not publicly identified, claim their separate assaults first occurred when they were having drinks with Steven Brecher, 55, and quickly passed out, they said in the Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit against their former employer, the Milan-based liquor company Fratelli. white.

Brecher, 55, a former CEO of Fratelli’s subsidiary Branca USA, allegedly forced the women to have ongoing s*x and threatened them with losing their jobs if the truth came out, they claimed in the legal filing.


Brecher, who has not been criminally charged, brazenly referred to his seven weeks on the jury that convicted Weinstein of rape in February 2020, the women said in court documents.

Brecher allegedly told one of the victims “that he saw women on the subway reading about the Weinstein verdict with tears in their eyes, thinking about their own s*xual abuse, and that they had him to thank for single-handedly delivering that verdict,” they said. Brecher is not being sued in court papers, but was identified as the women’s attacker in the lawsuit.

Jane Doe 1, a Pennsylvania resident who ran the Branca USA market in the state, first met Brecher in 2019, she said in court documents.

Jane Doe, 1, 29, was engaged and had just bought her wedding dress when she and the married Brecher met to visit bars and restaurants that sell Branca products.

Brecher is the former CEO of Fratelli’s subsidiary, Branca USA.


Steven Brecher allegedly drugged and s*xually assaulted the two victims on separate occasions at hotels.

She passed out after leaving her third stop, waking up naked next to Brecher in a strange hotel room, physically ill and bleeding from her anus, she alleges in court documents. Jane Doe 1 said that she feared losing her job if she reported the incident.

The woman claims that a similar incident occurred two months later, when she traveled to New York for a company event, had a few drinks and took a taxi back to her hotel, only for Brecher to follow her to the vehicle.

“His next memory of her is waking up naked and confused in her Upper East Side apartment,” she said in the filing.

Six more witnesses to testify against Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles rape case
Months later, Brecher’s executive assistant, who was apparently known in the company as “his Ghislaine Maxwell,” began “grooming” the second victim, according to the lawsuit.

Brecher allegedly invited the 27-year-old woman to have drinks with the assistant in the office of another Branca executive. The assistant ran away and the woman said that she passed out, only for Brecher to tell her that if she filed a complaint, she “knows that Milan would shut this company down.”

The assistant, who is not identified in court documents, sent a text message to both women, downplaying Brecher’s behavior, they said.

The two women “started talking and realized they had similar experiences with the CEO…especially when they learned that he had accused them both of roofing him over, when they woke up next to him with no memory of the night before,” according to the notice. lawsuit.

“In my 17 years of practicing employment law, I have never heard of such egregious conduct in the workplace,” said Orit Goldring, an attorney for the women.

After ignoring multiple complaints from other Branca supervisors about Brecher’s behavior with women, Branca eventually fired him. Both women, seeking unspecified damages, later resigned.

Branca USA did not respond to messages. Brecher could not be reached.

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