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Who is Steve Daniels? Wiki, Bio, Age,family, arrested, charges, investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Steve Daniels

Steve Daniels Wiki

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Who is Steve Daniels?

Steve Daniels, chairman of the Arizona Patriot Party, was arrested on suspicion of burglary after a representative from the school and police officers asked Daniels to leave the district office and he refused.

A video of the exchange, which Daniels recorded and later posted to YouTube, shows Daniels and dozens of community members outside the district office on Frye Road protesting the use of critical race theory in the classroom.

Critical race theory seeks to highlight how historical inequalities and racism continue to shape public policy and social conditions, but critics often combine it with culturally responsive teaching or any diversity and inclusion effort in K schools. -12.

Steve Daniels Age

Steve Daniels’ age is unknown.

Arrested – Charges

In the video, Daniels and an anonymous woman get angry after they were allegedly not allowed into the meeting, which Daniels says is a violation of the open meeting law. In the video, two officers are heard telling them that they can broadcast the meeting live and an officer tells the woman to get a phone when she tells them that she doesn’t have one to see.

“These are tyrannical cops who don’t know the law and are protecting the tyrannical government,” Daniels tells an increasingly raucous crowd before comparing the officers to the Nazis.

The arrest comes as parents and conservative groups challenge school boards across the state on diversity and equity initiatives and mask policies. The controversy has led to recall efforts and allegations of open meeting law violations in the Litchfield Elementary School District and has been highlighted by conservative local radio host James Harris on his show.

Daniels, who has been involved in the Purple for Parents movement that served as a counterweight to the teacher-led Red for Ed movement that resulted in a teacher strike in 2018, has attended school board meetings in Litchfield Park and Scottsdale to address the topic.

He declined to comment on the arrest, citing the open case.

The district seeks to address the rumors

Critical race theory was not on the board meeting’s agenda. But as rumors have emerged that the district is using the academic framework in classrooms, the school board decided to tackle it head-on.

In an announcement near the beginning of the meeting, Board Chair Barb Mozden said the district is not teaching critical race theory and that neither the board nor the administration has discussed the implementation of critical race theory. in the curriculum. Her statement was included in the board’s agenda that was posted online.

“Critical race theory has not been on our agenda and it is not on our agenda tonight,” Mozden said. “If you have concerns about classroom instruction, we encourage you to report it to our schools or the district office so that we can investigate the matter.”

Following Mozden’s comments, the board heard about an hour of public comments from community members who supported and opposed various diversity initiatives. But outside, Daniels and others seemed to be getting more and more agitated as they couldn’t get into the meeting.

In Daniels’ livestream, which appears to start before the school board meeting began, Daniels says that people are standing outside the district building and were not allowed to enter. The door to the building appears to be closed in the video, and Daniels says that the police have blocked the parking lot with patrol cars.

“Apparently, they are not going to let anyone into the meeting,” she says in the video, then claims that people have to wait outside for their turn to speak during public comments. “I’m pretty sure that under the open meeting laws, they need to allow everyone present to see.”

CUSD has limited in-person attendance at board meetings since last June due to the coronavirus pandemic, although the meetings are streamed online. Capacity is limited to 30 people and seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. People can wait in the lobby where the meeting is broadcast or outside until called, a district spokesman said.

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