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Breaking: Stephanie Lynn Smith Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Stephanie Lynn Smith, a 29-year-old woman from Texas, died of COVID-19 just five days after what was supposed to be her wedding day, her family said. Smith and her fiancé, Jamie Bassett, had their wedding date set for Nov. 13 in Lubbock, Texas, but she fell ill just days before her special day, NBC News reported.

The couple had decided to perform only a small ceremony for her parents in the same field where Bassett proposed to Smith, with her older brother officiating, the outlet reported. However, just before the wedding date, Smith fell ill and ended up spending her special day in the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. The young woman was also diagnosed with pneumonia.

On November 13, Bassett wrote on Facebook: “Today was supposed to be my wedding day. Instead, Stephanie is in the hospital raising her oxygen levels and I haven’t seen her in two days. This really sucks and I just want it to be not like this. ”

Five Days After Her Wedding Date, the Bride-to-Be Died of Coronavirus

Bassett said Smith first started feeling symptoms on Nov.3, ten days before his wedding day, but none of the symptoms of his illness were common COVID-19 symptoms, he told NBC News. She said the symptoms progressed and on November 7 she told him that the food tasted strange, but that she did not describe it as a loss of taste or smell. They both believed she had shingles, something she was familiar with, so she Smith went for treatment for it.

Smith’s mother, Oralia Smith, told the outlet that her daughter’s death certificate has the coronavirus as the cause of death. “She was stressed out from the wedding. She went to see the doctor for [herpes zoster] and he gave her medicine for that. ”

As she did not improve, Bassett took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and coronavirus. Because her condition was not too severe, she returned home with instructions to take vitamins and monitor her oxygen levels, her fiancé said. A few days later, Smith was rushed back to the hospital because she was low on oxygen and that was the last time the 29-year-old was seen alive. “We kissed her and told her that we would see her and that she would be fine,” Smith’s mother said.

Smith Posted on Facebook Just Days Before Her Death & Seemed Optimistic

Smith posted on Facebook on November 15 and seemed optimistic about his condition, wrote NBC News. She said: “Thankful today for the nurses who pray. And I’ll be dizzy when I show you a picture of my wedding dress. Not out of the woods … far from it. But I promise I’m feeling every sentence Thank you!!”

However, two days after that publication, Smith was transferred to intensive care because her condition worsened. Even then, Bassett said doctors told him “it wasn’t necessarily something to worry about too much.” He believed that she was only moved because she suffered from anxiety over her diagnosis. “The anxiety would kick in, and they would try to control it, and it would work a little bit, and she would come right back,” Smith’s mother said.

Smith’s mother said her daughter was struggling with isolation more than anything. Therefore, on the morning of November 18, her family was overjoyed to learn that they could come visit her. Bassett said they arrived early in the morning: “They told us that she had lost her pulse four times, and they brought her in three times with CPR, and on the last one they couldn’t get her pulse back.” She said that when they arrived, Smith had already died.

Her family said they weren’t sure where she got the virus from, because everyone was very careful to avoid it. Smith even wore masks to visit her family and she had been working from home before the wedding. Bassett said that when he met her, he thought, “She This is someone you don’t meet every day. She This is an extraordinarily caring and loving person who just wants to fix the world.”

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