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Breaking: Stephanie Franek Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Stephanie Franek Wiki – Biography of Stephanie Franek

Stephanie Franek is an American nurse from St. Louis and a mother who hopes that seeing the blood of her dying son dripping down a hospital room wall will help Americans take COVID-19 seriously.

Stephanie Franek Age

Stephanie Franek is 44 years old.


Franek is the mother of Peyton Baumgarth, who died of COVID-19. According to The Sun, Franek experienced another devastating blow when her sister, Cyndi Crawford, died at 57 from the virus just five weeks after Peyton.

“A loss would have been heartbreaking on its own, but these two have completely shattered our hearts,” he said.

Son of Franek

Franek told The Sun that her son was only 13 when she died from the virus in October. Six days after their diagnosis, the eighth-grade students’ health suddenly deteriorated on October 31 after their oxygen levels plummeted.

After testing positive for the coronavirus on October 25, she and her son experienced mild symptoms and began to self-quarantine.

Peyton was receiving treatment at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, the mother-of-two explained to The Sun. She described how she watched in horror as a doctor tried to place a tube on her son’s neck to help his blood get oxygenated, causing blood to splatter on walls and equipment.

“It was all about the cardiothoracic surgeon and he kept working,” he said.

Doctors decided to treat Peyton with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), “where blood is temporarily withdrawn from the body to allow artificial oxygenation of the red blood cells and the removal of carbon dioxide. However, Peyton’s condition worsened and she began to bleed.

“The surgeons were trying to replace ECMO and they were doing CPR to help her blood circulate because her pulse was very weak and her oxygen levels were very low,” Franek told The Sun.

It was when a doctor tried to replace the ECMO tubes in Peyton’s neck that blood sprayed across the room.

“You do not hear that children get Covid and that it is so serious,” he shared with the media. “I was in shock”.

Franek had been granted permission to be in the hospital due to her Covid diagnosis, The Sun reported. The outlet said she “watched as 10 nurses and four doctors fought for an hour and 15 minutes to save her son’s life before calling the time of death.”

“I hope people take COVID more seriously and not say that it is a political agenda or some kind of fake news or that it is the same as the flu,” Franek said.

The death of Stephanie Franek Son

Peyton Baumgarth was just 13 when she died of coronavirus in October, as her mother watched.

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