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Breaking: Stella Keating Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Stella Keating

Stella Keating Wiki

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Stella Keating is garnering viral praise online for her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of the Equality Act during a hearing on comprehensive civil rights legislation.

Keating, who is a high school sophomore from Washington state, began her virtual testimony Wednesday by saying that the opportunity to testify for the hearing is her “honor of life” before coming forward.

Stella Keating Age

Stella Keating is 16 years old.

Keating receives viral praise after testifying

“I’m 16 years old. I’m a sophomore in high school and I just got my driver’s license, which was a great day,” she said smiling. “Like many teenagers, I have many interests and the list will continue to grow.”

“I really like hiking and playing chess and also ukulele,” she said. “I love history and one of my goals is to become a civil rights lawyer. A couple of months ago, I started my first part-time job, and if you ask my parents, I spend too much time on my phone. ”

He then introduced her parents, who said they were with her off-camera. Her mother, Keating said, is on her school board and has spent time running a youth leadership program for elementary schools and her father owns a local bicycle business.

“One of her greatest passions is helping anyone who wants to ride a bike have the opportunity to do so. Both have taught me the value of hard work, how important it is to be respectful, the responsibility we have to give back to our community and be of service to others, ”she said.

Keating then spoke about the movement she launched three years ago called the GenderCool Project, which she said aims to “help replace opinions with real experiences by meeting transgender and non-binary youth who are thriving.” After explaining the show, Keating took the opportunity to re-introduce himself to lawmakers, this time revealing that she is transgender.

Keating said she is testifying to represent “the hundreds of thousands of children, like me, who are supported and loved by their family, friends and communities across the country.” Through her GenderCool campaign, Keating said that she and her colleagues have been able to travel across the country to speak in front of thousands of people in the corporate world and more through the media.

“I am honored,” she continued, “that some of the largest companies on the planet are raising our voices and listening so that they can become places where all young people, like me, want to work. They recognize that we are the next workforce. generation “. “They want to attract the best talent and they know that my generation is creating a country that everyone belongs to,” she said. “But that’s the good news and this is where things fall apart.”

Currently, Keating said that she lives in a state where she has the same protection under the law, but now, the high school student says that she has started looking for possible colleges to attend. “And all I can think of is this: Less than half of the states in our country give me the same protection under the law,” she said.

“What if I want to go to college in a state that doesn’t protect me? Right now, I could be denied health care or evicted for simply being transgender in many states. How is that correct? How is that even American? What if I am offered my dream job in a state where I can be discriminated against? ” she said.

“Even if my employer supports me, I still have to live somewhere. Eat in restaurants. Get a doctor. And why do I have to worry about all this at the age of 16? Keating continued. Keating said these questions and his story help underscore why it is “so important” that Congress pass the Equality Act, a civil rights bill that would expand protections for education, housing, and education. employment of LGBT people.

The bill passed the House by 224-206 votes earlier this year and now awaits Senate consideration. “I represent the future of America. We are the next generation of small business owners. Software engineers. Scientists Teachers Presiding Nurses. And for my generation to achieve everything we will do, we just need to be able to live our lives, ”she said.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, Keating is the first transgender teenager to testify before the United States Senate.

In her Wednesday remarks of her, Keating said that after the

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