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Who is Stacey Hackett? (Woman tells how her best friend’s baby was left alone to die over Christmas)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Stacey Hackett

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A woman told how her best friend’s baby was left alone to die on Christmas when its drug-addicted mother took her own life at the age of 27.

Stacey Hackett, 35, told The Sun that she “she will never get over” the death of her best friend Natalie Kane and her baby Harry at Christmas last year.

Stacey had planned to spend Christmas with Natalie and Harry in Whitehaven, Cumbria, and they had even gone shopping together.

Natalie About Family Detail and husband Death

Natalie was supposed to show up at her house on Christmas Day to spend the holidays together, but she never showed up.

Unknown to Stacey, Natalie had taken her own life on December 24. Her one-year-old baby Harry died a few days later from dehydration.

They were found five days later in a scene that left paramedics “visibly upset”.

Harry’s body was found in the bathroom of her apartment, while Natalie’s was in the living room with unopened Christmas presents.

On Christmas Eve, she apparently decided to inhale lighter fluid and suffered catastrophic effects.

Stacey said that she was not concerned that the couple were not showing up, as this was not considered unusual and she might have needed a quiet moment as “part of her depression” from her.

Stacey, who met Natalie in 2018, said: “She had really changed her life since she had Harry, and she was looking forward to her first proper Christmas with him.”

I will never get over losing them both.

She said that she took some comfort in the fact that mother and son were buried together.

Despite the fact that Natalie and Harry didn’t show up on Christmas Day, Stacey said that she felt it was best not to push her friend.

“I was sure I would hear from her in a day or two when she was ready,” she said.

However, on December 29, she began to worry and she arranged with another friend to visit Natalie’s apartment the next day.

On December 30, concerns were also raised after Natalie failed to pick up a prescription or contact any of the support services she regularly spoke to, and she contacted the police.

An officer discovered Natalie lying in the living room next to unopened Christmas presents.

A paramedic noted the presence of a substance in her nose and bottles of lighter fluid, consistent with substance abuse.

Harry’s body was found in the bathroom. Autopsies were carried out and it is believed that the child may have survived for two to three days after his mother’s death before succumbing to the effects of dehydration.

Natalie and Harry’s bodies were discovered before Stacey and her friend arrived.

An inquest heard that Natalie suffered from depression

An inquest heard that Natalie suffered from depression for much of her life and received support from services including Recovery Steps Cumbria and Women Out West after suffering from drug addiction and domestic abuse.

A friend noted that she was willing to avoid her ex-partner and Harry’s father, Nathan Ryan, to avoid a repeat of her negative behaviors.

Everyone who knew her and testified at the inquest spoke of her as a loving and devoted mother whose life revolved around hers her son her Harry.

She took him to the park every day and didn’t have babysitting, since she wanted to be with him as much as she could, she told herself at the inquest.

Her brother Scott recalled her excitement when she became pregnant and noted that she matured from that moment on.

Natalie was not thought to have used drugs after Harry’s birth and engaged in support services.

In the lead up to her death, she saw friends and spent some time with her brother, who had bought a balance bike as a Christmas present for Harry.

She told the inquiry that she was excited for a ‘proper’ first Christmas with Harry and that she had bought many presents for him to enjoy.