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Who is Sophie Martyn?(who were shot dead at random by ‘incel’ Plymouth gunman as they walked home ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sophie Martyn

Sophie Martyn Wiki

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Who is Sophie Martyn?

These are the first images of the victims shot dead by Plymouth gunman Jake Davison as police confirmed the identity of those who lost their lives.

Sophie Martyn, 3, and her father Lee, 43, were shot randomly when Davison entered Biddick Drive and fatally killed the couple walking down the street.

They were rushed to nearby Derriford Hospital, where Lee’s wife works, but both died despite the best efforts of doctors.

Tributes have flooded the couple who lost their lives during a six-minute carnage scene, as it was revealed that Sophie was adopted by Lee and her partner two years earlier.

A friend said in tribute: ‘You were such a kind and selfless gentleman that you put everyone else before yourself, we have shared many memories together, I will never forget the things in life that you have done for me.’

Another wrote: ‘I am totally distraught that a good friend’s brother and niece have been kidnapped in such a horrible way, my heart breaks for my friend and his family with this very, very sad news.


After murdering Sophie and Lee, Davison walked into an adjacent area of a park and opened fire on 59-year-old Stephen Washington before killing Kate Shepherd outside the Blush salon.

Neighbors said Washington was walking his two Huskies down a tree-lined path near the Davison family home when the killer shot him.

Mike Moore, who lives nearby, said: “Both dogs ran back to Stephen’s house and that’s when the family got worried.

“Stephen was well known around here because he always hung out with his beautiful dogs. He wasn’t friends with Jake and there’s nothing connecting them, so we think he was completely random. ”


One victim who survived was locally named Ben Parsonage, 33, who was shot along with his mother. She has not been named.

Ben’s brother Jordan posted on Facebook: “Just a little update on my mother and brother. Ben is home now and will make a full recovery. My mother has to undergo surgery on her arm and is expected to fully recover. ”

Self-described ‘fat ugly virgin’ and bodybuilder Jake Davison, 22, had murdered his mother Maxine, 50, after breaking into her home in Devon town with a pump-action shotgun. last night.

Without saying a word, Davison, dressed in black, shot and killed Sophie and hers her father Lee hers, 43, as he walked her down Biddick Drive.

He turned and shot Ben Parsonage, 33, who was walking alongside his mother, who has yet to be named. They are both now recovering in the hospital.

The gunman then shot and killed Stephen Washington in a nearby park, fatally wounding Kate Shepherd outside a hair salon, before shooting himself “ during that roughly six minute period ” before police arrived. navy.


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