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Who is Sophie Eastwood?(Transgender killer who has changed from male to female now says she identifies as a baby) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sophie Eastwood

Sophie Eastwood Wiki

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Who is Sophie Eastwood?

Sophie Eastwood, 36, who received life in prison for strangling her cellmate with shoelaces, has also asked for diapers and baby food.

She is locked up in Polmont Prison, Falkirk, after killing 22-year-old Paul Algie in 2004.

A young offender known as Daniel at the time, Eastwood was incarcerated at a young offenders’ institute at age 18 for dangerous driving.


Then known as Daniel, Eastwood was serving at a juvenile institute when he killed his cellmate.

He was a month away from the end of his sentence when he strangled Mr. Algie.

Later, the guards nicknamed her ‘Hannibal Lecter Jr’ because of his wicked mind games.

After realizing that he was not a gay man in 2016, Eastwood transitioned four years ago.

He completed his minimum 15-year jail sentence in 2019, but has not been considered for his release.

Eastwood, born in Essex, claims this is because she is trans, the Daily Record reported.

She has also asked the guards to hold her hand when she leaves her cell.

And the prison directors are taking her demands seriously.

A Scottish Prison Service source told the newspaper: “This prisoner has been difficult and manipulative over the years, which is why she is still behind bars after 17 years.”

‘She decided that she would be ‘transmitted’ from male to female, which is becoming more common in prisons these days.

‘But this is obviously something completely different.


Eastwood has been in Polmont Prison  since she was convicted of murder in 2004

“The Scottish Prison Service has no set protocol for dealing with prisoners who decide they are babies.”

The source claimed that Eastwood’s continued incarceration has nothing to do with her gender, but because she refuses to “follow the rules” or prepare for rehab.

Eastwood claims that a prison administrator said that she would now be free if she was still a man.

She told the Record in 2020: ‘The prison service wanted me to have a psychological evaluation because I haven’t had one since I started living as a woman.

‘I felt this was sexist and transphobic. The SPS was implying that as a man she was not a risk to the public, but as a woman she was. I don’t think there is any evidence to support that.’

The SPS source responded, “Eastwood is a complex and intelligent person, but he is quite demanding on the prison’s resources and enjoys being the center of attention.”

She could just be ‘attention seeking’, they added.

Still, the idea is being “properly considered” for “human rights reasons,” they said.

Eastwood takes testosterone blockers and has been in women’s prisons since 2018.

She said that she “regrets” killing Mr. Algie and regrets it every day.

Eastwood said: “He was naïve, immature and I thought killing my cellmate would get me sectioned off and spend the rest of my life in hospital being treated.”

“I’m sorry and I regret it every day.”

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