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Breaking: Sofia Zhukova Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sofia Zhukova Wiki

              Sofia Zhukova Biography

Sofia Zhukova, 81, a retired pig killer, was accused of murdering seven-year-old schoolgirl Anastasia Alexeenko, whose severed head was found in 2005 with her face severely beaten.

She was also accused of murdering and dismembering a 52-year-old janitor and janitor in the Russian city of Khabarovsk, and of killing a 77-year-old friend.

Zhukova became infected with Covid-19 in a detention jail

Zhukova was infected with Covid-19 in a detention jail and died on December 29 after being transferred to the hospital, it was revealed today.

At a hearing, the court was told that he kidnapped a young schoolgirl and held her for three weeks.

The girl was killed the day before her severed head was found near Zhukova’s apartment, it was alleged.

who was her tenant

The internal organs of the janitor, Vasily Shlyakhtich, a Ukrainian immigrant who was his tenant, were allegedly discovered in grandmother’s fridge in 2019, but she denied being a cannibal.
She said in evidence: ‘I killed the janitor, but he raped me. What do you think I should have done?

I cut it with an ax.

Local children found her amputated arm in a garbage container while other remains were hidden in plastic bags in a container.

A police source said: “ The man’s intestines and other internal organs were found in her refrigerator and she threw away the bones.

Children playing near the apartment block found a man’s severed arm and police soon discovered more dismembered remains in a number of plastic bags

“But the dogs smelled the blood and carried the body parts all over the area.”

His trial was delayed last year after he retracted detailed confessions about the murder of the girl and the old woman, whose body was never found.

The judge ordered technical changes to the charges, but she was still charged with all three murders when she died.



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