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Who is Sheila LaBarre? Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrest Crime,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sheila LaBarre

Sheila LaBarre Wiki

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Who is Sheila LaBarre ?

Sheila LaBarre (born Sheila Kay Bailey on July 4, 1958) is an American murderer and possible serial killer. She was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, without the possibility of parole after being found guilty of killing two men, Kenneth Countie and Michael DeLoge, in Epping, New Hampshire. At the time of the crimes, LaBarre was living on a farm in Epping, New Hampshire (Rockingham County).

She regularly attracted younger men to her farm, where she tortured and controlled them.

At her trial, she claimed that she was an angel, sent by God to punish pedophiles. She accused the two men she killed of being pedophiles.

How old is Sheila LaBarre ?

Sheila Kay Bailey

July 4, 1958 (age 63)

Fort Payne, Alabama, US


Kenny County

Kenny Countie met LaBarre through a personal ad in 2006 when he was 24 years old. He moved in with her shortly after meeting her. Countie was described as having a low IQ and “childish” confidence. LaBarre recorded his vomiting while accusing him of being a pedophile. She stabbed him to death and then burned his body. Police were able to identify his DNA from his military records.

The county mother subsequently charged the Epping Police Department with negligence. Before his death, he had been seen in a Walmart store, bruised and burned, in a wheelchair. His lawsuit against the two policemen who had seen him in the store was rejected in 2010.

Michael deloge

Deloge was LaBarre’s boyfriend, who lived with her on her farm. He was last seen alive in 2005. A bone, a worn cap and his birth certificate were found in the septic tank of the estate in 2008. How he died is unknown . Her mother informed the police that she was concerned that LaBarre was trying to kill him.


On April 1, 2006, an arrest warrant was issued for Shelia LaBarre, on charges of murder in the first degree. She was arrested on April 2 and police conducted a three-week search of her farm, which led to the discovery of three human fingers that forensic analysis determined did not belong to Kenny Countie or Michael Deloge.


The jury visited LaBarre’s farm and the Walmart where she was seen with Countie. LaBarre also assisted with a stun belt.

LaBarre has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Countie and Deloge on grounds of insanity. Her defense attorney described her as a “profoundly ill person” .

At the May 2008 trial, psychiatrists testified that LaBarre was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and delusional disorder.

James Brackett testified in court that he was in an abusive relationship with LaBarre for six years.

LaBarre’s ex-husband, Wayne Ennis, claimed that she had asked him to kill Wilfred .

Wilfred LaBarre’s daughter, Laura Melisi, claimed that LaBarre had threatened to shoot people. She said that she always disliked Sheila LaBarre and had warned her father not to seek a relationship.

Her plea of ​​innocence for her insanity was rejected by the jury. She was found guilty and LaBarre was sentenced to life in prison without parole in June 2008 .

Her appeal in 2010 was rejected . LaBarre is currently serving her sentence at Homestead Correctional Institution, in Florida City, Florida.


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