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Who is Shasta Groene? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Shasta Groene

Shasta Groene Wiki

                                                          Shasta Groene Biography

Shasta Groene is one of the Idaho family members and the victim of serial killer Joseph Edward Duncan, who was incarcerated for nearly 16 years after he murdered an Idaho family until he died in Indiana. She was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer last year and her attorneys revealed that she did not have long to live.


Murders of Joseph Edward Duncan

In 2005, Duncan was convicted of killing four members of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He abducted two children, Dylan and Shasta Groene, from the family home and tortured them in Montana before killing the boy. He had seen the two children playing outside as he passed his house on Interstate 90.

After holding them captive for several weeks, the girl was only rescued after Duncan stopped by a restaurant in Coeur d’Alene and was recognized by her staff.

On May 16, 2005, the authorities found the bodies of Brenda Groene; her boyfriend, Mark McKenzie; and her son, Slade Groene, at her home by Lake Coeur d ‘Alene, outside the town of Coeur d’ Alene

Duncan had videotaped several of his crimes against the Groene family that an investigator reportedly said: “he shook it to the core.”

Mother Shasta Groene

“The sun is a little brighter today,” Anthony Martinez’s mother Diana said of Duncan’s death. “My soul is lighter. The world is a more beautiful place without the evil that is Joseph Duncan. God chose to make his end a great patience and I think it is appropriate. The horror of his thoughts consumed him. ”

Shasta Groene’s father

Anthony’s father, Ernesto, reportedly “although I would have liked to witness his execution, knowing that he is now before God being responsible for what he has done, what he did to my son and the horrible crimes he committed with others, which is true justice. ”

Shasta Groene today

On a new path, away from home, Shasta Groene clears her mind. The 18-year-old walks the paved streets of southern Idaho, seeking inner peace. This is her new home and her new life, away from the troubled young woman she experienced tragedy a decade ago.

On May 16, 2005, authorities discovered the bodies of three members of the Groene family. Shasta’s mother, Brenda, stepfather Mark, and her brother Slade were found brutally murdered inside her home in the Coeur d ‘Alene area. Agents quickly discovered that two children were missing; Shasta and her brother Dylan.

The community prayed for Shasta and Dylan’s safe return, holding vigils and openly crying in despair at the thought of two sweet local children stolen from their quiet community. More than a month passed and many believed that hope had been lost. They were wrong.

On July 2, 2005, Joseph Duncan inexplicably drove Shasta and himself to Coeur d’Alene, where they ate at the local Denny’s. An employee and a client recognized the young woman from the media coverage and called the police. Within minutes, Duncan was handcuffed and 8-year-old Shasta was safe.

Many expected this to be the end of the ordeal. But in many ways, Shasta’s story was just beginning.

Shasta Groene 2021

“I couldn’t really live my life or go out without someone recognizing me,” Shasta told KHQ in an exclusive interview. “Wherever I went it was ‘Oh, there’s Shasta Groene,’ like he’s famous, and I didn’t like that. I was like ‘I’m a normal girl, treat me like a normal girl.’

Shasta says she became a famous victim, defined by tragedy and riddled with guilt.

“I didn’t feel like I was a normal 8-year-old girl and I hated it so much,” she said. “I wanted to be everyone else except myself.”

Shasta says her celebrity status sent her down a dark path. She was consumed with concerns about her body image. She soon herself began drinking and eventually doing drugs with older teenagers she had known. “It was like, ‘Oh Shasta, she’ll get high with us’ or ‘She’ll have fun with us,'” she said.

She felt more at home in this scene. In February 2104, drug-related offenses landed Shasta in a juvenile detention center. She says a 12-month sentence saved her life. “I don’t know where she would be,” she said. “I don’t know if he would be alive.”

During her time on the show in southern Idaho, her life changed. She met lifelong friends and eventually the man who is still her fiancé today. When she left, she decided to start a new life in the area, away from the house where she grew up.

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