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Who is Sharon Waxman?(TheWrap launches an investigation into CEO Sharon Waxman after she is accused of stopping an employee from taking his fiancée to cancer ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Investigation,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sharon Waxman

Sharon Waxman Wiki

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Who is Sharon Waxman ?

Sharon L. Waxman is an American author, journalist, and blogger who has been a correspondent for The Washington Post and The New York Times, and founded the Hollywood and media business news site TheWrap in early 2009. Wikipedia

TheWrap launched an investigation into its CEO, Sharon Waxman, after she was accused of preventing an employee from taking her fiancée to the oncologist for a cancer checkup and then yelling at her for loafing.

The 58-year-old founder of the Hollywood-focused media business news site reportedly told a former employee whose fiancee had cancer: ‘What are you thinking?

‘Doesn’t she have a mother, brother or family member who can do that shit for her?’

This was the former employee’s ‘last straw’, which happened in the fall of 2020, and he resigned on the spot, according to The Daily Beast.

Current and former anonymous TheWrap workers gave more details to The Daily Beast, comparing Waxman’s workplace to The Devil Wears Prada and Waxman herself to ‘Jekyll and Hyde’.

“It was really demoralizing and degrading,” they said, referring to the dictatorial magazine editor Miranda Priestly in the film, played by Meryl Streep.

The CEO also allegedly had ‘screaming outbursts’ and was known to scold employees who had to handle family emergencies during work hours.

How old is Sharon Waxman ?

She is 1963 (age 58 years), United States

Sharon Waxman CEO of Hollywood and media business news site TheWrap was reportedly

She could reportedly be relatively nice, but she got very hot at any moment.

A current employee said of her boss’s behavior: “If you are doing what she wants and she is in a good mood, then she can be quite charming, and if not, she can have yelling and yelling and chaos.”

Another insider told The Daily Beast that Waxman even threatened a staff member for working from home to care for her injured son.

One former writer said of her boss: “I’ve been surrounded by CEOs and politicians and really, important and powerful people, and people who should be scary as prisoners, and she’s the scariest person I’ve ever met.”

To make matters worse, Waxman’s ex-husband ran the company’s human resources department, and many employees felt as though they had no safe place to go.

Employees brave enough to speak to The Daily Beast did so on condition of anonymity for fear of professional and legal repercussions imposed by TheWrap.

The day the publicist for TheWrap learned of The Daily Best’s story about the company’s toxic workplace, Waxman announced a day off for all employees.

However, according to a spokesperson for the news outlet, TheWrap said the day off had nothing to do with the revealing report that was about to be released.

Just yesterday, Waxman held a meeting with all of his employees and promised to do better by hiring an outside consulting firm to enhance TheWrap’s workplace culture.

However, Waxman denied the allegations in a statement he wrote to The Daily Beast.

“I was very sorry to learn that some current and former employees have had experiences at TheWrap that are not consistent with our values ​​or the environment we work to foster,” he added.

Waxman held a meeting with all of her employees after catching wind of The Daily Beast’s revealing report

The tyrannical boss added: ‘Providing a safe, pleasant and prosperous workplace is essential to any business, and something that we have always had as a priority since we started 12 years ago.

“While I don’t think these allegations accurately reflect our current work environment, it is clear that we have work to do and I am committed to doing so.”

Yet another former employee criticized her former boss for running TheWrap “with an iron fist,” though they praised “the fact that she owns this company and is the only woman to own a trade publication in Hollywood.”

Waxman oversees every inch of TheWrap as the founder, CEO, senior editor and public face of the digital media outlet. The anonymous source called the feat “hella awesome.”

But he reportedly still exuded a ‘serious abuse of power’, with a former staff member telling The Daily Beast that they were ‘terrified of making a mistake because you would be publicly embarrassed or privately embarrassed’.

Others – The Daily Beast spoke to 20 anonymous TheWrap workers, past and present – they called the office “toxic.”

“I never thought they would yell at me like that and seeing her scream and tear other people apart was really unsettling,” said one person.

Another employee, who has just left the company, recalled that Waxman had what he described as an adult tantrum at an event where his microphone was not working.

‘It was scary,’ they said of the collapse, adding that all the employees just ‘stayed there.’ You couldn’t stop her. You had to let her scream and scream. She then she started the event and she put on her mask and then she was very affectionate with people. ”

Former employees tried to reason with Waxman’s alleged screaming attacks, thinking it could possibly be her “tough love” management style or a way to make sure people don’t “take advantage of her and produce the best work of she”.

However, they agreed that whatever the reason, Waxman’s frequent screams “created a toxic environment in which everyone worked defensively.”

Thom Geier

Thom Geier, deputy editor and executive editor of TheWrap, told The Daily Beast: ‘Is Sharon a demanding boss who keeps her staff at a high level? Yes. Is she frank her when she thinks you don’t measure up to that standard? Yes.’

However, he seemed to forget the screaming spells as a result of working “in a breaking news environment.”

He added: ‘Can there be yelling sometimes when you want to post a story and when you want to rush things? Sure, that can happen. That has happened in practically all the media in which I have worked. Is there more of that on TheWrap than elsewhere? Really I do not think so ‘.

Lynne Segal, TheWrap’s chief revenue officer, chimed in, adding that Waxman is “the ultimate professional.”

Geier even went so far as to suggest that The Daily Beast article was a conspiracy executed by TheWrap’s rival, Penske Media.

“I’d be curious how many of the people you’ve talked to who have complained about Sharon Waxman and TheWrap are now working for Jay Penske,” he said.

“ I’m fascinated by the idea that, you know, there are people who went to work for Sharon and then to work for Jay Penske. And you know that we are the last of the independent trades, and the only one that is not funded by a Saudi government that murders journalists. ‘

Sharon Waxman Quick and Facts

  • Twenty past and present employees dished details about working with Sharon Waxman, 58, CEO of Hollywood and media business news site TheWrap
  • She was reportedly known to have a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ demeanor where she was pleasant one moment and screaming at an employee the next
  • One staffer quit on the spot after she yelled at him for slacking off after he took his fiancée to the oncologist for a cancer check-up
  • Waxman’s ex-husband also headed the company’s human-resources department and many employees felt as if they had no safe place to turn
  • But Thom Geier, TheWrap’s deputy and executive editor, told The Daily Beast that Waxman is merely a ‘demanding boss who holds her staff to a high standard’
  • Geier attributed her shouting fits to the pressures of working in a breaking news environment 

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