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Who is Sharna Walker?(Woman arrested after bouncer outside Wetherspoon pub was called N-word and spat ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sharna Walker

Sharna Walker Wiki

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Who is Sharna Walker?

A 24-year-old woman who was arrested in connection with a video in which a doorman was spat on and called the N-word has been banned from Birmingham while the investigation continues.

West Midlands police said the Worcester suspect allegedly used racist language towards a doorman outside The Figure Of Eight pub on Broad Street, Birmingham, sometime between 10 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

The woman was originally arrested this afternoon after she went to a police station at the request of the force. She has now been released on bail with conditions, including not entering Birmingham, while detectives gather evidence from witnesses before presenting a file to CPS, police said in a statement.

Video footage of the shocking incident from the first weekend in which pubs and bars could reopen indoors since Christmas were posted on social media and widely shared, with more than two million views so far.

Police said the woman was also being questioned in connection with the racial abuse of another man, who was also standing near the JD Wetherspoon pub at the time, and the criminal damage to the premises’ furniture.

In the clip, a woman who has been named as Sharna Walker is seen arguing with pub porter Tristan Price and trying to yell at one of her friends inside the venue, before she appears to call him ‘black c ***’ and a ‘bloody blacks’.

Price said it was vital that justice be done about the abuse to help try to end racism. “I don’t want to bring trouble to her doorstep, but this behavior should be reported,” he said.

Incident Detail

‘It is completely unacceptable. People have committed suicide because of the racial abuse they suffer and we cannot be silent about it. ‘

Tristan, a weightlifting champion and machine operator by day and a porter by night, said the incident left him shocked and ‘cut off’.

The woman, who had been kicked out of the pub, was caught on video losing her temper and using racist slurs, including using the N word.

“ A knife was thrown at me while I was at work, which was quite shocking. But this was worse, it affected me more because it was so vicious, ‘said Tristan, who has been a goalkeeper in the city for just over a year.

“Too often when we talk about racism like this, it gets overlooked, but it is a big problem and we have to talk about it.”

Tristan’s calm and professional response to the abuse has been widely praised.

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Despite the provocation, he calmly stood his ground until the woman backed away from him, hurling racist comments at her and spitting in her direction as she did so.

He said that he initially did not want to speak about the incident, in part to protect the woman.

“But then I thought of my three nephews and my baby niece, who are just beautiful and I love the pieces, and I thought it was not okay that they might face experiences like that in the future,” she said.

“I like to hope that people don’t judge me or anyone else by the color of our skin. If someone can tell me that, she could also say that to these beautiful little kids and that’s just not acceptable. ”

Tristan has twice won British weightlifting titles, competing in the 100kg weight class, and is about to contest his third British championship. He is also gaining a following as a rapper and grime artist in the city.

“I like to work and keep busy and I really enjoy security work,” he told BirminghamLive. “I have had incidents, but the use of racist language has not been a regular occurrence.”

Matt Sen, Midlands operations manager for Professional Security, said Tristan

Matt Sen, Operations Manager for Midlands Professional Security, said Tristan had behaved flawlessly in the face of severe provocation.

But he said he was horrified that it was considered “part of the job” for his staff to confront racism.

‘He has taken it like a true professional. He is a true gentleman, a charming boy, and he remained calm despite the provocation.

Sen, who is responsible for tens of thousands of security officers in the Midlands, said it is “sadly not unusual” for staff to face abuse.

Professional Security COO Jason Thorndycraft said: “We are extremely proud of Tristan, that he behaved so professionally. He is a true gentleman and a quintessential professional, and we are very fortunate to have him on our team. ‘

Birmingham Police Chief Inspector James Spencer said: “This is a terrible incident and people are understandably upset. We said we would prioritize the investigation and that now led to the speedy arrest of a suspect.

“Our downtown police teams have been working hard with local businesses to make the city a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

“Racist behavior is completely unacceptable and we are taking this report very seriously. We are still in the process of trying to contact the victim and urge you to get in touch as soon as possible so that we can take a statement. ”

Video footage of the shocking incident, posted to social media

The video was met with outrage online and users criticized the woman’s vile behavior. One user wrote: ‘Shameful human being. Congratulations to the security guard for being so calm and professional.

Another added: ‘She is clearly intoxicated, but that is no excuse for such vile abuse. Spit too? I think that’s classified as assault, it doesn’t look very good for her future. ‘

One user wrote: ‘This makes me sick. To think that someone acts like this is beyond me. Absolute shame.

A profile believed to belong to the woman claimed that she works for Worcester Bosch. In response, Worcester Bosch released a statement about the video, indicating that they would investigate the incident.

The company has since confirmed that the woman in question who has been linked to the video never worked directly for Worcester Bosch.

The statement read: ‘Contrary to social media posts about a racist incident, we can confirm that the person in question was never employed directly by Worcester Bosch, but through our cleaning contractor.

‘The contractors have confirmed that she was fired by them on May 17, 2018. Our thoughts are with the victim of this very public and hurtful attack.

‘We are truly saddened by the attack on social media unfairly targeting our brand. We can confirm that we have zero tolerance for racist behavior, both inside and outside the workplace. ‘

The company urged anyone who has linked the woman to the company to share their updated statement.

A spokesperson for Wetherspoon said: ‘This behavior is completely unacceptable and the woman is banned for life. We will also pursue her for criminal damages and transmit the CCTV video and body camera to the police. ”

Regional manager Heath Curley added: ‘The woman had been to the pub, but she didn’t like her demeanor so they asked him to leave her.

As she escorted her out of it, she knocked over furniture, including chairs. Once outside, the doorman closed the door but the woman started kicking the door and broke the glass.

She then subjected him to racial abuse, as you can see in the video.

Curley praised Price, who is an outside agency employee and works regularly on Broad Street, for acting “cool”, describing him as a “very nice guy.”

“This behavior is completely unacceptable and this woman will not be welcomed in any downtown Wetherspoon pub again,” he added.

Sharna Walker Quicks and Facts

  • Police have arrested suspect, 24, in connection with video showing racist rant
  • Clip shared online shows woman launching tirade at bouncer in Birmingham
  • She was refused entry to a bar by the doorman in the city on Saturday
  • Suspect has been released on bail but is banned from entering Birmingham  

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