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Breaking: Sharita Patterson Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sharita Patterson

Sharita Patterson Wiki

                                        Sharita Patterson Biography

Sharita Patterson is a Brooklyn tenant who was charged with bringing her landlord to live in her car by milking the COVID-19 emergency rental rules as first reported by the New York Post. She has now come out insisting that she is not a bum. “I know I owe you something. I’m willing to pay you. ”Sharita Patterson, 33, told The Post on Wednesday, March 17.

Patterson worked as an officer in the city’s Children’s Services Administration for a year before resigning in March 2020. He claims he got another job in the city in law enforcement, but the hiring was put on “hiatus” due to to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharita Patterson Age

Sharita Patterson is 33 years old.

Eccles claims Patterson hasn’t paid him $ 20,000

Shawna Eccles, 30, the owner of the humble Brooklyn home where Patterson lives, claims that she has not been paid $ 20,000 in combined rent and interest by Patterson, and that she has been forced to live in his car. she. Patterson, however, says that any money issues between the couple is just a huge misunderstanding.

“This is her place. It’s not like she wants to live there for free, but she’s not communicating with me, “Patterson said.

Patterson also denied Eccles’ claims about homelessness. “She is not homeless. She still lives in the house, ”Patterson said of Eccles. “She uses the back entrance, and the other members of her family use the front door, the same door that I use.”

Patterson, a single mother of three, moved into the $ 2,100-per-month two-bedroom apartment in Eccles’s two-story East 91st Street building in Canarsie on August 1, 2019. The tenant says the Department of Social Services of the city paid his rent for a year.

In mid-May 2020, Eccles sent Patterson a notice telling him that her lease would not be renewed when she would expire on July 31. Since then, Eccles has been trying and unable to evict Patterson, who filed a “hardship statement,” claiming that she has been financially affected by the COVID-19 crisis and is unable to move.

Patterson has until at least May 1 before any New York housing court considers a case against her, thanks to the state’s pandemic-inspired eviction moratorium and recently enacted housing regulations. “If I offered to pay, how am I considered a worthless tenant?” Patterson asked. “Obviously [Eccles] just wants to regain ownership of her. It’s not about money.”

Patterson further explained, “After she ended the lease, she did not contact me at all. She just said, ‘She talks to my lawyer.’ I think what she’s doing is evil, ” Patterson added. “I am receiving [benefits] for pandemic unemployment. She would give [Eccles] everything she can, ”Patterson said. “I can’t move. How can I move with an unemployment pandemic?”

Eccles says he thought he was close to a legal settlement with Patterson in December, and believing that Patterson was about to vacate, she rented the first floor of the house to an elderly woman and moved in temporarily with friends.

Eccles has also claimed in court documents that Patterson bought a new car during the pandemic, a charge that Patterson claims is also false. “I did not buy a new car. It’s a 2017 Chevy Malibu. I bought it in March 2020, a week before closing, and I wasn’t even responsible for paying the rent at the time. My rent was paid through July, ”Patterson said.

Patterson described the entire situation as “more than a nightmare” after Eccles received emergency help from DSS. “After [Eccles] got $ 28,000 [from DSS] for the entire year, she tried to intimidate me into moving out so she could move her family out,” Patterson said. “She wanted that lump sum of money.”

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