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Who was Shane Martin?(Australia to becoming a Rebels bikie: Inside the rocky and tragic life of Dustin Martin’s father Shane as he dies aged 54 ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Cause of Death,Family,Facebook,Spouse, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Shane Martin

Shane Martin Wiki

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Who was Shane Martin ?

Shane Martin, the father of AFL superstar player Dustin, died on Friday at the age of 54 after a life dedicated to inspiring his son to become a great soccer player and become a high-ranking member of the Outlaw motorcycle gang Rebels.

The elderly Martin spent what turned out to be the last years of him living in New Zealand, after he was deported from Australia in 2016.

The 54-year-old was deported from Australia five years ago for his bicycle links.

He was forced to build a new life for himself in Auckland, and also to be stranded in Tasmania away from his son’s midfielder for the Richmond Tigers.

Ultimately, it was his 14-year ties to the fearsome motorcycle gang, as well as his tainted criminal record on charges of aggravated assault and drug dealing, that led to his banishment from him.

Dustin Martin Father

In 2017, then-immigration minister Peter Dutton revealed that he was briefed on Dustin Martin’s father linked to the bicycle justifying his deportation, and the decision was permanent.

Later, Mr. Martin challenged the decision, before Dutton later admitted in Federal Court that he was banished for a legal error.

“I won my case, but I still can’t go home to Australia to be with my family,” Shane said at the time.

“Based on what the minister has said publicly, I am still not going to do anything fair.”

Dustin Martin’s love for his father was obvious and he described his father as one of the greatest influences in his life.

“It has been a huge challenge, but it is what it is,” he said after the deportation.

“I love my dad and he has made me the man I am today.”

‘Dusty’ also said he dreamed of his father returning to Australia one day so he could watch his AFL games in person.

“That’s my dream of being able to have the old man there (in the stands) with the rest of my family and see the Tigers win another flag,” Martin said.

In his book, A Rebel in Exile, which was published in 2019, the elder Martin revealed how he became a member of the rebels.

“One night of gathering, we noms (rebel gang nominees) were down at the clubhouse stocking the bar and playing games,” recalled Martin.

Members don’t drink before meetings, so most of the time we were waiting for it to end. The members entered one by one and went upstairs for their eight o’clock meeting. After a while, a barking came from upstairs. “Kiwi, get up here!”

“At first I thought they just wanted beer or something, but it was clear that it was more than that.”


Richmond confirmed in a club statement that Shane Martin died in New Zealand on Friday at age 54.

Martin feared being abroad with the rebels, only to later be anointed as an official member.

‘He (president) came out from behind the table and gave me a big bear hug. One by one, all the other members did the same. They gave me a plastic bag with the four parts of the back patch and the rest of the front. It had my colors. I was in.

I went downstairs and all the other nominees were looking at me.

I yelled at them, “Bring me a beer,” and they knew what that meant. With a patch now I could make the decisions instead of them calling me. ‘

He also detailed why his son turned down an extended contract with North Melbourne due to his loyalty to Richmond in 2017.

Furthermore, in his autobiography, Martin recalled his earlier involvement of his in a police raid with what he termed “Australia’s best”.

Cause of Death

“Me and a few others were in the back room when we first heard some commotion,” he wrote.

‘These Raptor cops walked in like they were breaking a terrorist plot.

There were many of them. “They were everywhere, all passed out in helmets and ski masks, each with riot guns. And they were yelling, ‘Get on the ground, dogs! Go down!’

At that time, the police demanded that the bicycles be on the ground and that if someone moved he was hit with the butt of a rifle and had his hands tied behind his back.

There are no suspicious circumstances behind his death, and the exact cause of his death has yet to be determined.

Shane Martin Quick and Facts

  • Rebels bikie Shane Martin passed away in New Zealand on Friday aged just 54
  • Father of AFL superstar Dustin Martin enjoyed a close relationship with his son
  • Was deported from Australia in 2016 due to his bikie links and criminal record
  • Richmond midfielder previously stated his father ‘made him the man I am today’

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