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Who is Severin Beckwith?(Brian Laundrie lookalike ambushed by feds at gunpoint on Appalachian Trail ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Severin Beckwith

Severin Beckwith Wiki

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Who is Severin Beckwith ?

An upstate New Yorker with an uncanny resemblance to Brian Laundrie had a rude awakening when US Marshals hunting the fugitive pointed their guns at him during a nap on the Appalachian Trail.

Ithaca’s couple, Severin Beckwith and Anna Brettmann, were getting some winks at the Lodge at Fontana Village Resort after lunch when they heard a knock and their door was thrown open, the New Yorker reported.wikipedia

“The next thing I see is a bunch of guys with riot shields with ‘United States Marshals’ written on them, guns pointed at my face,” Beckwith told the magazine.

The stunned hiker was immediately handcuffed when one of the feds helped Brettmann get dressed.

Severin Beckwith was napping at the Lodge at Fontana Village Resort after lunch when US Marshals in riot shields stormed through the door.

Beckwith, who looks like Landrie, the only person of interest in the murder of his girlfriend Gabby Petito, said he had a hunch why he was attacked on the Appalachian Trail, where informants have reported seeing the 23-year-old fugitive. .

The doppelgänger told the New Yorker that one of the officers touched the side of his head and said the resemblance had a “notch on the top of my inner ear like his.”

To make matters worse for Beckwith, he and Brettmann, who had been walking from Georgia to Virginia since late September, had booked their room with a credit card linked to an Empire State ID, the outlet said. Petito was originally from Long Island.

Brian Laundrie is the only person interested in the Gabby Petito murder.

But Beckwith was quickly acquitted because he did not have Laundrie’s telltale tattoos and presented identification ruling him out as the wanted man.

On the advice of the bailiffs, Beckwith shaved off his beard, but quickly regretted it “because I have less chin than Laundrie.”

Beckwith suspects that a Fontana Lake marina employee alerted authorities to his presence and even took a photo of him, which a sheriff showed the guest after breaking down the door, according to the magazine.


The unidentified man, who created the @notbrianlaundrie account, was seen doing laundry in a clip and asking other TikTokers for advice on how to avoid being “attacked” for being mistaken for the fugitive.

Meanwhile, a woman who pioneered the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit told Fox News that the argument between Laundrie and Petito that people witnessed at a Wyoming restaurant in August may be the key to the woman’s fate.

Incident Detail

On the advice of the bailiffs, Severin Beckwith reluctantly shaved off his beard “because I have a lot less chin than [Brian] Laundrie.”
“The restaurant incident … is the second and most important,” Ann Wolbert Burgess told Fox News of two incidents that she said raised red flags before Petito’s death.

The other incident was the domestic dispute convened Aug. 12 in Moab, Utah, said Burgess, author of “A Killer by Design: Murders, Mindhunters, and My Quest to Decipher the Criminal.”

“How she has to apologize for her behavior is somewhat characteristic, and this probably infuriates him even more because she wants to appear in a certain way,” Burgess said of the incident at Merry Piglets, a Jackson Hole restaurant.

Brian Laundrie

Last month, another Brian Laundrie look-alike became an overnight TikTok sensation, seen doing laundry in a clip.

Moab City Police Department

Nina Celie Angelo, a photographer who witnessed the incident at the restaurant, recently told Fox News Digital that she believed Laundrie was arguing with staff about the bill or money.wikipedia

She said that his body language seemed “aggressive” and that he left and came back several times.


The US Marshals Service confirmed the encounter in a statement Monday, but did not provide details to DailyMail.com: ‘The USMS often supports investigations by our federal, state, local and tribal partners’ In this case , the Graham County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) in North Carolina had received a tip that fugitive Brian Laundrie had been sighted in their jurisdiction.

‘GCSO asked the USMS working group to support them in contacting the issue. The USMS was not the lead investigating agency on this matter and was acting in support of the GCSO. ”


There have been several alleged sightings of Laundrie on the Appalachian Trail since he disappeared.

Earlier this month, hiker Dennis Davis said he was ’99 .9 percent ‘sure he had seen the fugitive.

A local resident also came forward to DailyMail.com stating that he saw a scruffy, bearded, 23-year-old Laundrie-like stranger walking down the same isolated country road in Waterville, North Carolina.

Investigators have searched multiple states for clues since Laundrie was last seen in September, but to date there has been no confirmed sighting of him. He is the only person interested in the murder of his fiancée.

Petito, 22, was discovered dead Sept. 19 in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, months after she and Laundrie embarked on a cross-country trip in their Ford Transit van.

She was found eight days after her family reported her missing and 22 days after she was last reported seeing her alive on August 27.


Petito was strangled and likely killed three to four weeks before her body was discovered, said a coroner, who ruled her death a homicide.

Due to Wyoming law, the coroner did not provide additional details about the autopsy findings, including whether her body was buried, whether drugs were found in her system, and whether she was killed in the same location where her body was found.

However, the coroner added that the police had taken DNA samples while the investigation into her murder and who was responsible for it continues.

Authorities have not named a suspect in her murder, but they may have already named one behind closed doors, a former FBI agent told WPBF 25.

“I bet that information has been passed to the grand jury; now there is a sealed indictment for the apprehension of the person responsible for Gabby Petito’s death,” said former FBI agent Stuart Kaplan.wikipedia

“This, of course, can include him [Brian Laundrie] as the attacker or the person responsible for causing Gabby Petito’s death or it could exclude him.”

He believes the suspect’s name is unlikely to be released until an arrest is made.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg in Palm Beach County, Florida, said Laundrie’s DNA may not appear in the samples found on Petito’s body due to the length of time his body was exposed to the elements, but other evidence, such as records cell phones could still be used against you. .

Laundrie returned from his trip alone on September 1 and declined to say what became of his partner.

Petito’s family contacted Laundrie and her family, but no one responded.

On September 11, Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, reported the disappearance of her daughter. She later learned that Laundrie had returned to Florida without her.

Laundromat, the only person interested in the case, is now missing and police are not sure if he is in hiding or dead.

Her parents reported her missing after September 17, claiming that he did not return home after a walk.


They directed investigators toward the alligator-infested 25,000-acre Carlton Reservation in Sarasota, Florida.

Investigators spent more than $ 1 million searching for Laundrie in the area, but did not find him.

The FBI issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie last month after alleging that he used a Capitol One Bank debit card that was not his.

The agency said Laundrie is wanted for ‘use of an unauthorized access device’ related to his activities between August 30 and September 1, following Petito’s death, and that he used the card to obtain items for a total of $ 1,000 or more.

Schmidt, Petito’s grieving mother, said she wants “coward” Brian Laundrie to spend the rest of his life “in a cell.”

She made the comments during an interview with 60 Minutes Australia that aired on Sunday, when she and her husband Jim returned to her home on Long Island after recovering the ashes of her daughter in Wyoming.

Schmidt said that she and Jim thought Petito would be safe with Laundrie when they embarked on the trip. Now, she sees him as a cold-blooded killer who is being protected by his parents, who still refuse to speak to them.

Silence says it all. I think they know most of the information. I’d love to ask face to face, ‘Why are you doing this? Just tell me the truth.’

He is a coward. I don’t mean he’s crazy because he went home, he hid, he used his credit card. He is not someone who has gone crazy.

‘He knows what he’s doing, he knew what he was doing. I just want to put him in a cell for the rest of his life. ‘

Severin Beckwith Quick and Facts

  • Severin Beckwith says he was handcuffed at gunpoint after being mistaken for fugitive Brian Laundrie, the sole person of interest in Gabby Petito’s homicide
  • Beckwith claims US Marshals stormed into his room at the Lodge at Fontana Village Resort in North Carolina
  • Agents fingerprinted him and asked him to shave his beard in an effort to prove he wasn’t Gabby Petito’s fiancé 
  • The hiker also notes that they examined his hands, looking for Laundrie’s tattoo, which he didn’t have 
  • Beckwith was ultimately released and given a free night’s stay at the lodge
  • The FBI issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie last month after alleging he used a Capitol One Bank debit card that wasn’t his 
  • Laundrie is wanted for ‘use of unauthorized access device’ related to his activities between August 30 and September 1

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