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Who is Serhiy Perebyynis?(Forgive me, I didn’t cover you’: Devastated father pays tribute to mother, son, 18, and daughter, 9, all killed by Russian forces during ‘ceasefire’ as they tried to flee besieged town) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Serhiy Perebyynis

Serhiy Perebyynis wiki

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Who is Serhiy Perebyynis?

Serhiy Perebyynis shared images of senior accountant Tatiana Perebyynis and her two children Alise and Nikita on Facebook, writing, “Forgive me, I didn’t cover for you.” He also shared a photo of the family’s two dogs, one of which was killed in the attack.

Ms. Perebyynis was killed along with her 9-year-old daughter and her 18-year-old son after Russian artillery fell on the trio as they desperately fled the besieged city of Irpin on March 6.

Photos of the young family lying lifeless on the roadside, with their two terriers whimpering nearby, shocked everyone when it became clear that Putin’s “humanitarian corridors” were merely a mirage.

After fleeing separatist forces in Donetsk, the family moved to the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital four years ago, where they planned to renovate their “forever home” and watch their children grow into young adults.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Perebyynis said: “He took them all. Tanya couldn’t do it. I must see you one last time. Forgive me, I didn’t cover for you.

Mrs Perebyynis

Mrs. Perebyynis’s friend, Irina Nedava, also paid tribute to the family, posting on social media: “Our friend… her children – Nikita and Alise, my Polinochka’s godfather and godparents were covered with fire from mortar, leaving Irpen in the humanitarian corridor… Tanya did not dare to leave her house for so long, because her parents are sick: her father is a cardiologist and her mother is in a wheelchair with Alzheimer’s disease.

Tanya was her last hope and support! What will happen to them?’

She added: ‘I can’t convey my emotions, my hands are shaking with anger and dripping with tears at the same time! We will never forget anything! In loving memory of our loved ones!’

Heartbreaking footage, taken on Sunday in Irpin, located on the outskirts of the besieged capital Kiev, confirmed that Russian forces targeted densely populated civilian areas where men, women and children tried to flee the country as Putin continued to deny bombing Ukrainian cities.


They had been joined by a family friend and taken over a bridge before being told to cross an exposed street near Kiev as part of a humanitarian evacuation route that promised safe passage.

But the trio’s lives ended when they were attacked by a barrage of Russian mortar shells.

Pictures taken at the scene showed blood-soaked sheets covering their bodies, with their last belongings lying on the roadside next to them.

It comes as a Russian airstrike devastated a maternity hospital in the besieged port city of Mariupol, amid growing warnings from the West that the invasion of Moscow is about to take a more brutal and indiscriminate turn.

Ukrainian authorities said at least 17 people were injured in the attack, while more than 1,200 civilians are believed to have been killed as the Kremlin “terrorizes” the captive population with increasingly brutal and indiscriminate attacks.

The ground shook more than a mile away as the Mariupol compound was hit by a series of explosions that blew out windows and ripped out much of the front of a building. Police and soldiers rushed to the scene to evacuate the victims, and a heavily pregnant and bleeding woman was carried out on a stretcher.

Another woman cried as she hugged her child. In the courtyard, wrecked cars burned and an explosion crater stretched at least two stories deep.

Volodymir Nikulin, a senior regional police official, accused the Putin regime of committing a “huge” war crime “without any justification.” Joe Biden’s administration condemned Russia’s “barbaric” attack on the hospital, while the UN and World Health Organization said no hospital “should ever, ever be targeted.”

Ukraine’s hardened President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Twitter that there were “people, children under the rubble” and called the attack an “atrocity”. Video shared by the comedian-turned-wartime leader showed hallways gaily painted and covered in twisted metal.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has condemned Russia’s “vicious” attack on the “vulnerable and defenseless”, adding that Putin will be “held to account for his terrible crimes”.

Meanwhile, the authorities announced new ceasefires on Wednesday morning to allow thousands of civilians to escape from bombed-out cities around Kiev, as well as the cities of Mariupol, Enerhodar and Volnovakha in the south, Izyum in the east and Sumy in the northeast.

It was not immediately clear if anyone was able to leave other cities, but people poured out of Kiev’s suburbs, many heading to the city center, as explosions were heard in the capital and air-raid sirens sounded repeatedly.



From there, the evacuees planned to board trains bound for regions in western Ukraine that were not under attack.

Civilians leaving the Kiev suburb of Irpin were forced to cross the slippery wooden boards of a makeshift bridge, as Ukrainians blew up the concrete span leading to Kiev days ago to slow the Russian advance.

With sporadic gunshots echoing behind them, firefighters dragged an elderly man to safety in a wheelbarrow, a boy grabbed the hand of a helping soldier and a woman inched forward, cradling a furry cat inside her coat. winter. They passed a wrecked van with the words “Our Ukraine” written in dust on its windows.

“We have a short period of time right now,” said Yevhen Nyshchuk, a member of Ukraine’s territorial defense forces. “Even if there is a ceasefire right now, there is a high risk of shells falling at any time.”

Previous attempts to establish safe evacuation corridors in recent days largely failed due to what the Ukrainians said were Russian attacks. But Putin, in a phone call with Germany’s chancellor, accused Ukrainian nationalist militants of hindering the evacuations.

In Mariupol, a strategic city of 430,000 on the Sea of ​​Azov, local authorities rushed to bury the dead of the last two weeks of fighting in a mass grave. Across the country, thousands are believed to have died, both civilians and soldiers, since Putin’s forces invaded.

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