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Breaking: Sean Hercules Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sean Hercules

Sean Hercules Wiki

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The family of a British man killed by Spanish police in a hail of bullets believe he was “executed”.

Barber Sean Hercules, 39, was shot at least 18 times in a hotel on the Costa del Sol in what Spanish police described as a shooting.

But, in an investigation today there was no evidence that the married father of two Sean, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, was armed or posed a threat when he was shot and killed.
West Yorkshire senior coroner Kevin McLoughlin criticized police in Estepona, near Marbella, for “a notorious lack of cooperation” and refusing to send any files has not helped “an inch” in the investigation.

Sean, who had posted selfies with former professional boxer David Haye and grime artist Stormzy, was shot and killed at the Autosole Aparthotel, Estepona, on the afternoon of September 10, 2018, after having walked away from a car accident in 100 MPH in Puerto Buenos que Mañana.

Spanish police claimed to have discovered ammunition in the vehicle, but that has never been established.

Barber Sean Hercules, 39, was shot in a hotel on the Costa del Sol in what Spanish police described as a gun battle

Her mother Martha Friel, 66, told Wakefield Coroners Court that Sean had called her on video after the accident; that was the last time she spoke to him.

Initially, the investigation heard that around 5.15pm. M., Three agents of the National Police knocked on the door of Sean’s hotel, who grabbed two pistols and died in a shootout.

He received 18 bullet wounds, in the legs, arms and body, which caused 39 injuries. There were no reports of injuries to police officers.
But after Sean’s brother, Mark Johnson, 41, alerted the coroner to a video recording, which was seen in the investigation, showed eight armed police officers at the scene.

His schoolteacher wife, Sherree Dooley, 34, who is the mother of Sean’s two children, ages nine and six, said: “Doing that to someone is just evil, absolutely evil.

“He was murdered, murdered without mercy.”

Sean had gone to Spain to open a barber shop 10 months before his death and she had the kids planned to follow him.

“We had a good relationship. Sean was a loving husband and a good father, ”she said in the investigation.

Sean had gone to Spain to open a barbershop 10 months before his death and she had the children had planned to follow him.

The investigation where his mother was left alone at the Malaga airport, without the help of the British embassy of the Spanish authorities, when she flew out to identify the body of her son, who was finally presented to her with eyes wide open.

And, despite an autopsy in Spain, her body was finally sent back with bullets still lodged inside.

“They sent him home with the bullets still in his body and without any death certificate, so we had to cancel his funeral,” said his wife.

Sean was hit by 18 bullets, in the legs arms and body, which caused 39 wounds. There were no reports of any injuries to the police officers

West Yorkshire Police Detective Simon Ridewood said Sean had served prison terms in the UK for firearms offenses in the past and had not attended a conviction for possession of an offensive weapon in January 2018 .

But he added that Sean “was not a high priority” and there was no European arrest warrant against him.

Pathologist Dr Matthew Lyall carried out a second autopsy in Britain, but said he was hampered because he received no information about what happened and there were no notes or photographs of the first autopsy.

He said the number of gunshot wounds was “the highest number I have personally seen on one person” and said that because so many firearms were fired in such a confined area, Sean would have been “drenched” in residue. shots.

He said that he would be “cautious” with the claim that Sean had a gun at the time of his death.

He found that Sean died of multiple gunshot wounds.

“There is no evidence that a police officer was shot,” the coroner said.

In recording an “open verdict”, Mr. McLoughlin said that Sean was “riddled with bullets” and that due to the lack of cooperation from the Spanish police he was unable to determine whether the death was legal or illegal.

“It is an understatement to say that I am disappointed by the actions of the Spanish authorities,” he said.

He said that he has also written to the British embassy and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for help, but they have not given him any.

“There has been a radio silence from the Spanish police,” he said.

“The Spanish authorities have not disclosed his findings. The exact sequence of events immediately before his death is unknown. ”

He said it was unclear why eight police officers attended to make an arrest, if Sean was given a chance to surrender, if Sean had a gun and had shot the officers, and why it was “ deemed appropriate ” to shoot 18 bullets in his body.

Outside the court, his brother Mark said: “This was an execution. It was a murder and the Spanish police have covered it up ”.

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