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Who is Scott Walker? Wiki, Bio, Age,family, daughter murder, arrested, investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Scott Walker

Scott Walker Wiki

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Who is Scott Walker?

Scott Walker allegedly killed his own daughter in July 2020 after she accused him of assaulting her in the arcade. Bernadette, who was affectionately called Bea by her loved ones, also alleged that Scott was spying on her with hidden cameras, Wilding told Cambridge Crown Court. Bea had endorsed her accusations to her mother Sarah hers, confiding to her that Scott had allegedly been abusing her “for several years”.

Sarah had allegedly refused to believe her daughter and sent her to spend the night at her grandparents’ house “while things calmed down a bit.” The parents claimed that Scott went looking for Bea at her grandparents’ house, but on the way home. he ran out of the car while discussing the accusations. Prosecutor Wilding told the court that it was a made up story.

Scott Walker Age

Scott Walker is 52 years old.

The murder of Bernadette Walker

Almost a year after her disappearance and extensive searches in two counties later, Bea’s body is still missing. Her parents have been charged with her murder and face two counts each of perverting the course of justice. Scott has since denied that Bea was murdered on or after July 18, the day she disappeared. He has also denied all four counts of perverting the course of justice, and Sarah has denied two counts of perverting the course of justice. His ongoing trial is expected to last five weeks, The Sun reported.

Wilding told the jury: “In the hours and days when Scott and Sarah Walker hacked into Bea’s social media accounts, they sent fake messages from her phone that was still in their possession, posing as theirs to friends and family and which were designed for a false trail to explain their subsequent failure to report her disappearance to the police, “adding:” They lied to everyone around them, including Bea’s siblings, about her disappearance and stood firm in the persecution of his wicked and devious plan. ”

He continued: “In those hours and days when they hid her disappearance from everyone and deliberately left a false trail of where and when Bea had gone, they achieved their goal of her. They diverted the investigation into her disappearance and her death long enough and well enough that any hope of finding Bea’s body would disappear with her. All the love and responsibility of her parents disappeared, if they ever existed. They had no interest in Bea returning safely to her family, nor did they offer to help anyone find her. Instead, they selfishly and ruthlessly kept lying accounts that were designed only to protect themselves. ”

Charges – Arrested

A teenage girl from Cambridgeshire, UK, reportedly disappeared last year after accusing her father of sexual abuse. It has since been discovered that the Peterborough Camps teenager, identified as 17-year-old Bernadette Walker, was actually murdered by her father, who then hacked into her social media along with the teenager’s mother and pretended to be her to send a message from text. messages. to friends and family. The ongoing lawsuit against the parents is now hearing the shocking details of Bernadette’s disappearance that her father had initially alleged happened after she ran out of her car.

According to prosecutor Lisa Wilding QC, after murdering her daughter, the father identified as Scott Walker conspired with the girl’s mother, Sarah Walker, as the “evil” parents left “a false trail” pretending he was still alive. News of this crime resurfaces after two heartbreaking missing persons cases left the UK in shock earlier this year. First, it was Sarah Everard, the woman who disappeared while walking home from her friend’s house just after finishing a 15-minute phone call with her boyfriend.

Subsequently, a MET policeman was arrested for her abduction and subsequent murder of her. Another woman, Sarm Heslop, disappeared from her yacht from her boyfriend, whom he waited 10 hours before reporting. While Everard’s body was eventually discovered, that is sadly not the case for Bernadette.

Claiming that Scott later called his wife, Wilding continued: “The only sensible conclusion to be drawn from that phone call is that Scott Walker told his wife that he had killed Bernadette and that he needed her help, right away. , to cover up for Bea. her disappearance. and death and buy both of them time to think about what should happen next. ”

She further added: “Bea’s mother and father came together in an unholy alliance, designed and intended to deceive, divert and pervert the inevitable investigation into the disappearance and death of Bea Walker. She has never been found.

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