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What You Don’t Know About Viral Illinois Teacher: Scott Grigoletto? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Scott Grigoletto

Scott Grigoletto Wiki

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Who is Scott Grigoletto ?

Scott Grigoletto is a teacher at Glenbard North High School whose video has gone viral for yelling to call the police after a student did not wear his mask. The Twitter account first revealed that the incident took place at “Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, IL” and then tagged the school account to bring the notice of him, saying:

A teacher at Glenbard North High School in Illinois reportedly caused quite a stir online after practically yelling at a student for not wearing the mask properly. Scott Grigoletto saw a student wearing a mask wrong (under the nose) and scolded him for removing the mask, according to reports.

Grigoletto is not under fire for that, but for the language he used.

In a video recording of the confrontation, he is seen calling the errant student a “piece of shit” for removing his mask. Recorded by another student who was watching, the video has gone viral.
“@GBNPanthers, this is a teacher at your school calling a student a piece of shit.”

Scott Grigoletto Illinois

To make matters worse, the teacher also threatened to call the police about the teenager. When this video was posted on Twitter by the popular Tik Tok account Libs, it went viral on social media. Many users shared and retweeted the clip as an excellent example of how teachers should not behave with many calling for their dismissal.

The text of the viral video says: “My friend had his mask under his nose, and this Karen went crazy, she got up on her face and cheated on him” (sic). “The teacher calls the student a” piece of shit “and threatens to call the police for removing his mask,” shared the Twitter account with an attached video of the confrontation with the teacher.

Scott Grigoletto’s Twitter

After a while, the Twitter user said: “I think I identified the teacher. Working on 100% confirmation before sharing his name. “Then, finally, the identity was revealed,” Scott Grigiletto. ”

Shortly after, confirmation of the surname, “* Grigoletto”.


What we know so far

While this identification has not been officially verified, a YouTube video by this name was also shared. No further information is available on Scott Grigoletto. Even his official website appears to have been removed.

Yet another tweet describes him as, “Meet Scott Grigoletto, Percussion Director at Glenbard North High School.” It turns out that “the boy who recorded it is being punished. He should receive a reward, not a punishment. ”

Many felt that the teacher should be fired for this behavior.

“I’d be mad if he was that student dad. I hope the parents don’t let it go. No teacher should EVER abuse his students. NEVER. Get rid of that teacher. He does not belong to teaching, “wrote one user.

Another added: “Wow! Looks like this teacher needs anger management classes after getting FIRED! “

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